2024/25 Draft Delivery Program And Operational Plan, And Budget

Gilgandra Shire Council


Have Your Say – 2024/25 Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and Budget

For immediate release.

Council has placed its draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and associated Budget for the 2024/2025 financial year on public exhibition and is inviting residents to Have Your Say.

The Budget reflects an overall forecast deficit of $339,777 after depreciation is deducted. The operational expenditure budget will see $43,947,529 spent on services for the community. The total forecast expenditure budget inclusive of capital works is $60,440,391.

The documents have been prepared after extensive workshops with Councillors and Council’s Executive Leadership Team over the previous months.

Mayor Doug Batten says the capital works program is aspirational,

“Council is excited to forecast a total capital works budget of $17,497,760, along with $43,947,529 towards services for the community for the 24/25 financial year. The budget includes infrastructure, activation and strategic projects that will have great community benefits, both now, and for future generations, promoting Gilgandra as a vibrant region with resilient and innovative infrastructures that capitalise on opportunities for economic growth.”

The budget shows Council aspirations of growing the Gilgandra Region towards a population of 5000, while ensuring our valuable services for the community continue. The critical infrastructure for growth supports this, and planning for challenges faced such as housing, health, road network, and technology and community resilience.

Major Capital Works for 2024/25 includes, but is not limited to:

  • National Park Road $900,000

    Complete the construction of 12.5km bitumen seal on the unsealed sections of National Park Road, in addition to the unspent funds from the 2023/24 budget.

  • Baronne Creek Crossing Upgrades $1.25M

    Replacing the Baronne Creek crossing on National Park Road

  • Development of Industrial Land Subdivision $7.205M

    Development of additional industrial land to meet current and future trade demands

  • Major IT upgrades $1.55M

    Modernising and rationalising Council’s IT capacity, network communications, business continuity, and increasing community resilience in the event of a major natural disaster

  • Upgrade to Naden Drive $506,706

    Undertake an upgrade and reconstruction of Naden Drive.

  • Plant $910,200

    Planned replacement of major plant, vehicles and key equipment across Councils fleet

  • Warren Road Medical Precinct $100,000

    Undertake detailed planning of the Warren Road Medical Precinct extension into the Literature Institute Building (Old Library)

  • Smart Water Meter Implementation $500,000

    Planned modernisation of household water metre reading process to include smart meters across the network to improve efficiency

  • Additional Rural Road Renewals $295,204

    Additional capital renewals of Councils road network set aside for this purpose on an annual basis

  • Water Fluoridisation $130,000

    Replace discontinued fluoride dosing system at the water treatment plant

  • Tooraweenah Mains Replacement $100,000

    Replacement of aging water mains in Tooraweenah

  • Sewerage Pump Station Upgrades $100,000

Upgrade of aged sewer pumps station infrastructure

A number of strategic planning and activation projects have also been identified, including:

  • Investigating Child Care options for the retention and attraction of Council workforce needs
  • Growing our population towards 5000
  • Undertaking a Land Use Planning Review
  • Developing a Greening Strategy
  • Delivering ongoing road restoration works from the multiple from the Natural Disaster Claims
  • Real Country Business Case and Strategy Development
  • Under The Gums major event
  • Developing Plans of Management for Tooraweenah and Armatree

Mayor Doug Batten adds,

“On the back of some challenging years for the local road network, Council has committed to a broad range of renewal works and new road projects. A highlight for Council will be completing construction of 12.5km of new bitumen seal to the unsealed sections of National Park Road. At the completion of these works, complemented by the upgrade to Baronne Creek Crossing, National Park Road will be fully sealed and will provide better all-weather access to producers, school bus routes, and tourists accessing the Warrumbungle National Park. In total, $5.8M will be spent on National Park Road”.

“In pursuit of reaching a shire population of 5000, the Towards 5000 strategy will also see the construct of industrial subdivisions to the value of $7.205M, which will see the provision of fully serviced industrial land to meet the future needs for industries for well into the future”

There are proposed increases to Council’s fees and charges in line with the NSW

Governments Rate Pegging legislation and Best Practice Pricing, ensuring Council can continue to deliver these services and support ongoing maintenance and asset renewal into the future.


  • General Rates

    The total General Rates that will be levied by Council in 2024/25 will be $5,850,906 prior to concessions, which is an increase of 4.5% in line with rate pegging legislation.

    All rating categories (being farmland, residential and business) have had the increase applied evenly. Though, ratepayers’ individual accounts will vary according to any changes in land valuations.

  • Water & Sewer Charges

    Council water charges for the Gilgandra Township and the Tooraweenah village have been increased by 5%. Council’s sewer charges for the Gilgandra Township have increased by 7%. The increases in the Township water and sewerage charges is a reflection of costs to replace the aging infrastructure.

  • Waste Management Charges

    Council domestic waste, commercial waste and other waste charges for the Gilgandra Township have increased by 2%. The rural waste charge increases to $23 per assessment. The increases are required for the continued operations and future projects at the Gilgandra Waste Facility.

  • Stormwater Charge

The stormwater charge for the Gilgandra Township has not increased and remains at $25 per rating assessment.

In summary, Mayor Doug Batten says

“Council has committed to a broad range of renewal works and new road projects, providing improved access to users of the local road network. As well as major intergenerational infrastructures, with a long term future focus of ensuring the community is in the best position to benefit from future growth within the Gilgandra Region”

“What’s most pleasing about this budget is that Council is able to deliver a wide program of works whilst still maintaining the valuable services our community has come to expect.”

Mayor Batten acknowledges the work that has been put into the strategic planning and budgeting process.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Councillors and staff for their efforts in developing this Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and Budget together by way of workshops over a number of months in the lead up to the preparation of the draft documents. As we lead into the Local Government Elections in September, this budget will enable the new Council to have a seamless transition to continue on with the good work already undertaken to deliver the objection of the Community Strategic Plan.”

“I should point out that while Council is budgeting for a minor deficit result this year of $339,777, over the next ten (10) years of our Long Term Financial Plan, Council is projecting an overall surplus of $8M. The long term result is dependent on continued support from State and Federal Government, and I’m pleased to advise the community that Council continues to operate in a financially sustainable manner, meeting all of its financial benchmarking ratios.”

The draft Plans are currently on public exhibition and will close at 5.00pm on Tuesday 18 June, 2024.

The draft documents will guide Council’s activities over the next 12 months and demonstrate how Council will achieve the objectives and vision of its Community Strategic Plan.

  • Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan and Budget 2024/25
  • Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2024/25 – 2033/34

    These documents are available in electronic format and can be downloaded from

    Council’s website: www.gilgandra.nsw.gov.au

    Copies will also be available for viewing at the following locations:

  • Government Access Centre, 20 Miller Street, Gilgandra
  • Gilgandra Shire Library, Warren Road, Gilgandra
  • Gilgandra Shire Council, Warren Road, Gilgandra

To share your views on these documents the community can:

  1. Complete a Have Your Say form online via Council’s website
  2. Provide feedback in-person:

    Service NSW

    Warren Road Offices

  3. Write to the General Manager, 15 Warren Road

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