Education News

Cornell Center for Social Sciences announces fall grantees
Becoming specialist generalist
Qualifications, not religion, should decide who provides pastoral care in public schools
Encouraging step for Hunter renewal
Meteorites likely source of nitrogen for early Earth
QUT medical centres open to public
Managing medication to improve mental health in children and youth
Next generation of Flinders PhD researchers
Saving Bell’s turtle
Photonic chip that ‘fits together like Lego’ opens door to local industry
UNSW picks up lion’s share of Royal Society of NSW Awards
The Australian Universities Accord cannot ignore climate change
University of Sydney and UTS collaborate on Digital Central
Citizen scientists help discover new mantis species
Call to share all clinical trial results
Sydney researchers discover hidden structure in networks like Twitter
New perspective on limits of survival and liveability in extreme heat
AI framework for schools released
Patch of protection against Zika virus
Talking With Kids About Respect this 16 Days of Activism
China expert, present at Xi visit to US, aims to cool tensions
Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates
Scientists use AI-generated images to map visual functions in the brain
Researchers win grants to remove carbon from air, manufacturing
Republic of Korea collaboration: Universities combine with Port of Newcastle on green ammonia research centre
Projects using data for good awarded medals
Reinvigorating foundation skills training
Can’t un-cook egg
NAPLANs covert influence on teaching and learning research
Very high levels of ‘good cholesterol’ may be associated with dementia risk: study
Further consultation needed on defence trade controls amendments
New program offers WA women pathway to politics
Study to explore growing the number of women in the NT seafood industry
Post-Covid workplaces: Is fun fading away?
Future for humanities in universities – what’s next?
New pathway for Territorians to work on nuclear-powered submarines
Jake Black is everyone’s mate but mostly he’s Your Mates
300,000 Fee-Free TAFE enrolments strengthen priority workforces
Architecture’s concerns – and hopes – for our climate future
Supporting veterans into education and beyond
COP28 is global stocktake of climate change
Remaking built environment by reimagining waste
Content Writing certificate teaches leaders to engage and persuade
Landscape dynamics determine the evolution of biodiversity on Earth
Screen team plays starring role in £75.6m deal
World-first digital project gives unique insights into convi
Keen eye on future
Grants to catalyse better health system