World News

COP28: FAO welcomes $50 million in additional funding for innovative African crops project
COP28: Global agrifood systems are the climate solution, FAO Director-General tells world leaders
COP28: Roundtable highlights FAO-IAEA Joint Centre’s work on nuclear techniques in food and agriculture amid climate crisis
FAO report: Agrifood sector faces growing threat from climate change-induced loss and damage
FAO’s Statistical Yearbook 2023 goes live, highlights the impact of disasters on agriculture and cost of healthy diets
FAO-WHO 46th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission adopts new standards
Codex Alimentarius: 60-year milestone in food safety
FAO at COP28: Agrifood systems solutions to shape climate agenda
New Zealand welcomes European Parliament vote on the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement
Discovery of Structural Regularity Hidden in Silica Glass
QU Dongyu: Science and innovation are at the core of FAO’s efforts to fight hunger
The role of seeds in transforming agrifood systems under the spotlight
Why agrifood systems must be at the core of climate action: a COP28 preview with FAO climate expert
Further humanitarian support for Gaza, the West Bank and Israel
Preserving antimicrobials for the well-being of humans, animals, plants and ecosystems
Sudan: FAO reaches one million farming households since the outbreak of conflict
FAO opens Global Forum for Animal Feed and Feed Regulators
A New Benchmark for High-Performance Carbon Cathodes in Lithium-Oxygen Batteries
FAO Food Outlook predicts declining international trade in some basic foodstuffs
Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: Andorra and Austria earn their first, while Asian countries get six new designations
Caretaker arrangements extended
El Niño: FAO’s updated Anticipatory Action and Response Plan urgently requires $160 million to support over 4.8 million people through March 2024
Two awards recognize FAO’s innovative use of geospatial technologies
Aotearoa New Zealand to attend PIF Leaders’ Retreat
Optimizing work of FAO’s country offices
Hidden costs of global agrifood systems worth at least $10 trillion
Mystery Resolved: Black Hole Feeding and Feedback at the Center of an Active Galaxy
Two Fins are Better than One: Fish Synchronize Tail Fins to Save Energy
FAO Food Price Index dips in October
All Blacks finish runners up at Rugby World Cup 2023
Green Climate Fund confirms FAO’s role in supporting countries’ access to climate action resources
FAO Director-General addresses the opening ceremony of the Borlaug International Dialogue of the World Food Prize 2023 in Iowa
Sport Minister to represent Govt at RWC final
New Zealand calls for humanitarian pause in Gaza
Hand in Hand Investment Forum: Spotlight on Sahel and Dry Corridor regional initiatives
Committee on World Food Security convenes in Rome
World Food Forum 2023 flagship event concludes with enhanced commitments to transform agrifood systems
World Food Forum: Forward-looking Science and Innovation Forum wraps up with actions targeting the climate crisis
Researchers Demonstrate High-speed Electrical Readout Method for Graphene Nanodevices
World Food Forum: The pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital tools in making agrifood systems climate resilient
Bioeconomy is a catalyst for agrifood systems transformation to greater sustainability
World Food Forum: Bridging technological gaps in Low- and Middle-Income Countries and Small Island Developing States
Junior World Food Day: a diverse group of Food Heroes inspire young people to value water
World Food Forum: Young entrepreneurs harness the power of technology to drive agrifood systems transformation
World Food Forum: New technologies help manage soil and water in a climate-change context
World Food Forum: Science, technology and innovation as drivers of climate action in agrifood systems
FAO and IAEA join forces to support Atoms4Food
World Food Forum side-event discusses ways to unleash the potential of the Amazon bioeconomy