Science News

Baylor University and Texas Business Journals Partner to Study Business Outlook and Impact of Higher Education
Institute for Computational and Data Sciences accepting seed grant applications
It was asteroid impact, not volcanic eruptions, that killed dinosaurs
Family Foundations helps support military families expecting their first child
Notre Dame partners with Institut Catholique de Paris
ARC grant to elevate telescope capabilities for more advanced, astrophysical research
Live-in program inspires future engineers
Changes to Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness
HPV vaccine reduces rates of cervical abnormalities, likely to result
Best practice treatments for chronic pain overlooked as media focus on opioids and medicinal
New tool for sugarcane farmers to help Great Barrier Reef
Mobile protected areas needed to protect biodiversity in high seas
Science breakthrough on curbing dengue
Wild tomatoes resist devastating bacterial canker
Things to Do, Jan. 17-24, 2020
How Do You Count Fish in a Creek?
A Fishing Lure for Protein Purification
Pulling plug on calcium pumps – potential new treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer
Swinburne supports climate emergency
Curtin planetary sciences and health research boosted with ARC funding
Brainwave activity that reveals knowledge of crime
Registration open for a seminar about research misconduct
New method breaks reciprocity of light propagation
Rice engineers find a way to turn water pollution into valuable chemicals
New device may reduce risks in common medical procedure
A wearable gas sensor for health and environmental monitoring
‘The blob,’ food supply squeeze to blame for largest seabird die-off
Human ‘screenome’ may give insight into human health and well-being
Landmark clinical trial seeks people with MND
New assessment of gas locked in ice in European waters
Cornell, Nature Conservancy to study key climate projects
LHCb sees new hints of odd lepton behaviour
Power struggles: How Tennessee became more racially and politically divided
LS2 report: Focus on North area
Things to Do at Penn State: Jan. 16-23
Beauty sleep could be real, say Body Clock biologists
ZEISS-iCeMS Innovation Core launches with symposium and ceremony
Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership welcomes nine new students
Fish oil supplement could reduce risk of heart attack or stroke in combination with statins
Australia’s bushfire response: science offers solutions
Study investigates reasons behind low numbers of female financial advisers
Aged care residents at risk of malnutrition, Otago study shows
NZ Education at pivotal moment of change – academics respond
Davy Jones’ locker opened: why metals stay on top of seafloor
New clinical guidelines to help GPs improve care for older Australians
Biologist’s research offers insight on molecular structures
Becoming a Learning Health System: Penn State Health experience
Certificate program develops product management skills