Science News

Pioneering Research Wins Prestigious EU Funding
Brooks School launches center to combat democratic decline
Scientists grow human mini-lungs as animal alternative for nanomaterial safety testing
Swinburne and UIIN showcase university-industry collaboration
New Therapy Shows Promise For Rare Childhood Dementia
Hunting For Freshwater ‘freak Of Nature’ In Otago
Housing, Support Benefits Homeless
Antipsychotics for dementia linked to more harms than previously acknowledged
Maribel Garcia awardee honored for conservation efforts in Central Africa
​Australia joins with UK to deliver large-scale water quality monitoring from space
Ice age climate analysis reduces worst-case warming expected from rising CO2
In partnership: supporting informal settlement upgrading from within
Gut Muscle Vital For Absorbing Fats Forms Like Scars
In Life Cycle Diagrams, Small Changes Make a Big Difference
New Name For Sustainable Future
Programme to tackle children’s mental health delivers more than £5m of benefits to society
Nutrition concerns raised as Australians buy below recommended daily intake of core food groups
Better View With New Mid-infrared Nanoscopy
OzGrav 2.0: A new era of astrophysics launched at Swinburne
Researchers Develop Energy-Efficient Computer by Combining CMOS with Stochastic Nanomagnet
From Defects to Order: Spontaneously Emerging Crystal Arrangements in Perovskite Halides
Australia’s Extinction Crisis: Public Hearing Statement
Rising Reds star realises potential on the field and in the classroom
Research explores how a father’s diet could shape the health of his offspring
Social restructuring in harsh conditions promotes cooperative behaviour in songbirds
Modern Mapping At Mawson 17 April 2024
When Expectations Become Self-fulfilling
Australia and Singapore partner in $20M initiative to reduce maritime emissions
Reef snapshot details widespread coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef
Escalation in harassment of MPs threatens democracy
What’s behind canned wine’s rotten egg smell? Cornell team IDs culprit
Searching For Clues In Fly-by
In Search For Alien Life, Purple May Be New Green
Frustrated Jet In Centre Of Milky Way
Federal Funding: AI Research for Secure Software Development
Cells Putting On Face
Small Modular Reactors: Overview
$2.5M Medical Research Future Fund grant to study recurrent wheeze in preschoolers
Ghost roads in South-East Asia speed nature’s destruction
New Study To Combat Harm Caused By Anchoring
Textile Recyclers Australia joins UNSW SMaRT Centre’s ARC Microrecycling Research Hub
Global marine heatwave a stark reminder: President’s statement
Program aims to break down dementia stigma in Chinese Australian communities
CSIRO Report Sows Seeds For Australia’s Farming Future
Persistent Questioning Of Knowledge Takes Toll
Seed grants from the Cornell Center for Social Sciences fund 23 projects
New Book Gives Insider’s View Of Cosmic Search For Life
Solar energy can uplift rural Ethiopians, but is hard to come by