Science News

Swinburne’s science achievements recognised by improved rankings
Record crop of bush health students
Endangered right whales act as environmental barometers
Government subsidy triples number of lung cancer patients eligible for KEYTRUDA 1
CIPA to integrate data science into its curriculum
Cornell launches online entrepreneurship program
Sea fan corals face new threat in warming ocean: copper
“Struggle is normal” – managing your mental health at university
Cowboy Junkies, recently inducted to Canadian Music Hall of Fame, gave vast collection to University
Borderline Personality Disorder has strongest link to childhood trauma
High quality private hospital care valued – new data
Superstars of STEM smash it at final workshop
Lipstick Queen Poppy King’s tips for entrepreneurs
Big IDEA: New Hub Transforms Education
Contribute to Cops, Kids and Toys effort through Dec. 9
Among transgender children, gender identity as strong as in cisgender children, study shows
Feedback sought on two public policy models
T-box structure in bacteria may be target for new antibiotics
Much-needed opioids guide addresses information gap for patients
New, slippery toilet coating provides cleaner flushing, saves water
NUS establishes new Research Translation and Innovation Institute in Guangzhou
ACT Budget an opportunity to improve health care for Canberrans
NASA space robot tested in Antarctica
Icebreaker’s science tender sea trials underway
Brisbane: A world cycling city?
AI for health, infrastructure and natural resources key to Australia’s future prosperity
Hobart hosts cool cloud workshop
More support for frontline emergency care staff
Spin doctors: Astrophysicists find when galaxies rotate, size matters
UW aerospace engineer part of $1.7M grant to study corals
Popular electronic cigarette may deliver nicotine more effectively than others
University researchers explore virtual reality as a microbiology teaching aid
Statement by Heads of Universities on Current Situation in Hong Kong
Working with India to address human impact of climate change
No excuse for Victorian elective surgery blow out
Chemists map an artificial molecular self-assembly pathway with complexities of life
CSIRO response to Australian
ARC funding will help researchers better understand disadvantage
Australian innovation could solve ‘urgent unmet need’ for 463 million people worldwide
How to build a chloroplast
New care model for early breast cancer follow-up
Blue whales prefer krill tall, dense and shallow
Things to Do, Nov. 15-22, 2019
RealEats wins $1M top prize in Grow-NY business competition
Discovery reveals mechanism that turns herpes virus on and off
10-year study provides model for deer management strategies
Wrong advice risk for some memory clinic patients
Sexual minorities continue to face discrimination, despite increasing support