Science News

Cornell Center for Social Sciences announces fall grantees
Becoming specialist generalist
To Help Autonomous Vehicles Make Moral Decisions, Researchers Ditch the ‘Trolley Problem’
Communicating soil biodiversity to kids around globe
Meteorites likely source of nitrogen for early Earth
PicoRuler: Molecular Rulers for High-Resolution Microscopy
QUT medical centres open to public
Saving Bell’s turtle
Photonic chip that ‘fits together like Lego’ opens door to local industry
University of Sydney and UTS collaborate on Digital Central
Sydney researchers discover hidden structure in networks like Twitter
New perspective on limits of survival and liveability in extreme heat
Statement on Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill
Rapid decarbonisation can steer Australia to net zero before 2050
Penguins obtain large quantities of sleep via seconds-long microsleeps
Wellcome Trust funds study of innate immune cells role in intestinal health and disease
China expert, present at Xi visit to US, aims to cool tensions
Tsuga ‘Traveler’ and ‘Crossroad’-The First Adelgid-resistant Interspecific Hemlock Hybrids
Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates
Scientists use AI-generated images to map visual functions in the brain
Patients with improved discharge planning less likely to be readmitted, finds study
Researchers win grants to remove carbon from air, manufacturing
Rare Ant Species Rediscovered in North Carolina Trees
End in sight for expeditioners as RSV Nuyina heads for Hobart 1 December 2023
Gilead supports the next generation of local HIV scientists in run up to the 35th World AIDS Day
China Manned Space Engineering Delegation Visits HKUST
Projects using data for good awarded medals
Can’t un-cook egg
Parliamentary Friends of Science tackle Australia’s STEM workforce challenge
Gold and silver for Tokyo Tech at 46th East Japan Rookie Competition
Researchers fix chirality of helical proteins
Post-Covid workplaces: Is fun fading away?
Future for humanities in universities – what’s next?
Air Force delivers helicopters for remote science campaign 30 November 2023
Is Australia ready for our supercomputing future?
Antarctic research to assist astronauts 30 November 2023
CSIRO and Telstra Health partner to accelerate the future of digital health
Remaking built environment by reimagining waste
Content Writing certificate teaches leaders to engage and persuade
Landscape dynamics determine the evolution of biodiversity on Earth
Screen team plays starring role in £75.6m deal
World-first digital project gives unique insights into convi
University of Manchester, Boots and No7 beauty company secure multi-million-pound funding for inclusive dermatology research programme
HKUST’s InvestLM: Hong Kong’s First Open-Source Large Language Model
Keen eye on future
ARC Bill welcome end to Ministerial meddling
No evidence found that cannabis reduces long term opioid use
Genetic switches in tumor development