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University of Canterbury timber wall innovation leap forward for safety, construction and environment
Study shows preterm birth risk most strongly linked to pre-eclampsia
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Two-year follow up shows delaying umbilical cord clamping saves babies’ lives
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AI innovators to speak at Cornell BrAIn symposium Dec. 9-10
Stem-cell breakthrough could preserve diverse livestock breeds
‘Would you like little ice with your exoplanet?’ For Earth-like worlds, that may be tall order
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Heavyweight trio with exoplanet
Prime time: First therapeutic clinical trial of C’Dots underway
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Thermodynamic-like Economics in Pandemic Response: Delaying Increases Economic Damage
High-Tech Sewerage Robot
Drill site pinpointed for Million Year Ice Core 8 December 2021
Yeast Cells Cause Embedded Objects to Rise via Microbial Brazil Nut Effect
Creating knowledge and strategies for responsible, ethical and inclusive automated decision-making
Soap bubbles inspires new software making mining more cost-effective
Nanosensing to solar fuels: Sydney Nano unveils new Grand Challanges
University of Toronto prof partners with Second City to find out
Common diabetes drug not effective against early-stage breast cancer, researchers say
Mosquito expert commentary
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Targeting brain’s immune cells may block Alzheimer’s
In toxic microbial warfare, study finds strength in numbers
Anthrax arms race helped Europeans evolve against disease
Most adolescents dying by suicide or harming themselves known to health services
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Indonesian Study reveals missed diagnosis of fungal infections in treated TB patients, with global implications
Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2021
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