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Making it to top: supporting start-up innovation
Mobility scooters not up to winter’s icy challenge, researchers say
Game on: English prof delves into art of indie video game creation
Correcting fossil record: Researchers say four-legged ‘snake’ is different ancient animal
Animal vaccines with self-spreading viruses
Startup granted EPA registration for disinfectant system
Best time for COVID vaccination in pregnancy may be now
National funding success for Swinburne researchers
Decoding Protein Assembly Dynamics with Artificial Protein Needles
Solving ‘big problems’ via algorithms enhanced by 2D materials
Membrane structure of inner ear protein prestin is revealed
Speeding up atomic force microscopy
Researchers help design blueprint for Black food sovereignty in Toronto
Center of Innovation optimizes digital solutions to combat agricultural pest
Scientists coolly recall fiery volcano visit
Faster checkouts could reduce virus spread at stores
With right balance against Omicron
Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics holds online kick-off ceremony, workshop
Volumetrics ranked No. 1 weight loss diet
Portable prostate cancer test may help reach underserved men
Researchers explore hidden history of ‘Black androids’
CSIRO brings ‘Hope’ to Australians with new AI weight loss coach
Lymphoma cell metabolism may provide new cancer target
ArXiv hits 2M submissions
Early data for multivariant Covid vaccine booster shows promise
Forensic Researchers Call for Proactive Efforts to Address Racism
Sound of Ikebana blooms where art and digital technology intersect
Speedy, on-site drug detection key to reducing impacts of addiction crisis
Honeydew contaminated with systemic insecticides threatens beneficial insects
Nuyina’s first krill catch 4 January 2022
University of Toronto remembers Desmond Tutu, global human rights leader and friend of university
University of Toronto researcher examines how doing good improves mental health
‘Hidden hunger’: University of Toronto course examines global impacts of diets lacking key micronutrients
Choline during pregnancy impacts children’s sustained attention
Auld Lang Syne ritual lodged in Scotland’s past
Heart monitor, ‘tinder for musicians’ win Big Ideas Competition
Study Finds Reduced Microbial Diversity in Guts of Wild Bears That Eat Human Food
Five ways to make sustainability resolution
University of Manchester New Year Honours 2022
Looking back on 2021 31 December 2021
PolyU and University of Maryland from US, jointly established Centre for Advances
Deepsea mountain mapped by RSV Nuyina 30 December 2021
DNA in archaeological sediments
Sailing team alumni fourth at 2021 Tasar Japan championships
Feral horse show some class with harems
Those that game together, stay together 25 December
Art with an Artist comes to Suzukakedai Campus
Tokyo Tech and Minato City conclude basic partnership agreement