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Epic tale of adventure premieres in Brisbane following global acclaim
‘Life Unites Us’ campaign announces year one findings from DDAP partnership
$2M grant will fund Penn State research studies on preventing muscle wasting
Potential ‘game-changers’ chosen for cotton industry’s 2022 emerging leaders program
Nutritional value of huhu grubs assessed for first time
$10m for national stroke & heart research translation accelerator
2021 was Northeast’s third-warmest year since 1895
Diane Bailey to head Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture
COVID variant siblings show different levels of virulence
$10M project aims for more pest-resilient food options in Asia
Bald eagle rebound stunted by poisoning from lead ammunition
AI, tech and social justice: University of Toronto Groundbreakers EP4
Public’s view on using graphene to treat cancer sought
Action Research Collaborative aiming for results – now
New Report Analyzes Massachusetts’ Proposed Millionaires Tax
Promising novel treatment for Dry Eye Disease revealed by new research
‘chemical cocktail’ of sewage, slurry and plastic is polluting English rivers
PolyU develops novel anti-virus 3D printing material that terminates over 90% of Covid in 10 minutes
Graphene Innovations Inc Manchester joins GEIC as new Tier 1 partner
New report shows almost £30bn health cost of England’s most deprived communities
Rare African Script Offers Clues to Evolution of Writing
Behavioral indicator for preterm infants
New world-first clinical trial on benefits of losing weight prior to pregnancy
COVID in 2022: Is there room for optimism?
Burnet malaria researchers secure NHMRC grant
Floating Internet of Things 13 January 2022
How do effects of childhood abuse extend into middle age?
Smarter security for smart devices
Carbon neutral ‘spaceplane’ parts to be manufactured at Sydney
Call to report bottled water quality results on labels
Atom by atom: new silicon computer chip technique opens up quantum computing construction possibilities
Skater Chen, 5 from women’s hockey headed to Beijing
Measuring medicine in livestock supports fight against antimicrobial resistance
Flu, measles vaccines could help flatten COVID curve
Beating odds in mutation’s game of chance
What Covid Pandemic Has Taught Us About Flu Vaccines
Country houses research inspires medal success
Whale scientists pick up good vibrations 12 January 2022
Study finds harvesting knowledge will transform agricultural industry
Minority acceptance of combo flu-COVID vaccine higher than for COVID alone
In zone: New spacecraft research to uncover Earthly impacts
With gyms closed, online programs to keep University of Toronto community fitness – and spirits – high
Researchers study Milky Way’s ‘feeding habits’ in search of clues about its origins
Too much heavy metal stops stars producing
Female patients operated on by male surgeons more likely to die, suffer complications
Semiconductor demonstrates elusive quantum physics model
Researchers find grim outlook for animals tied to same habitats
Millions in European funding for Max Planck early career researchers