Technology News

Apple marks World AIDS Day with
Consultation on the Digital Marketplace draft panel agreement
A Stanford professor says science shows free will doesn’t exist. Here’s why he’s mistaken
Controversial claims about extinct humans are stirring up evolution research. Here’s how the mess could have been avoided
336 million scam texts blocked by telcos
Cleverbridge Launches CleverInsights to Deliver Accurate, AI-Powered Analytics for Subscription Businesses
Disability advocate preserves his voice with iPhone
Apple announces expanded partnership with Amkor for silicon packaging
UNFCCC partners with Microsoft to use AI and advanced data technology to track global carbon emissions and assess progress under the Paris Agreement
Clarity’s theranostic prostate cancer trial progresses at the highest dose level cohort
Microba completes stage one screening for its autoimmune disease program
National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) investment mandate released
Parliamentary Friends of Science tackle Australia’s STEM workforce challenge
Gold and silver for Tokyo Tech at 46th East Japan Rookie Competition
A year of ChatGPT: 5 ways the AI marvel has changed the world
ARC Bill welcome end to Ministerial meddling
The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will establish a directory of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers
Microsoft announces quarterly dividend 29 November
Commercialisation champion Sharath Sriram is STA President
Science communicators need to stop telling everybody the universe is a meaningless void
Telstra penalised $300,000 for repeat customer safety and privacy failures
Attentive Drives Record-Breaking $1.8 Billion in Online Sales During Cyber Week 2023
Apple unveils the top books of 2023 and a new Year in Review experience
eDriving Launches New EcoReport Sustainability Reporting Solution for Fleets
OpenADR Alliance Launches New Communications Standard to Help Utilities Manage Growth in Renewable Energy Sources and EV Charging
Federal government backs the development of treatment for childhood brain cancer
Dimerix’s ACTION3 investigational new drug approved in China
Medical science a ‘priority area’ for new Industry Growth Program
Almost half the men surveyed think they could land a passenger plane. Experts disagree
Establishment of a new category for Enterprise Resource Planning Products and Service Solutions on the Software Marketplace
AusBiotech weighs in on Australia’s RNA future
Forces combine to shield vegetable industry from exotic pest threats
How your money is helping subsidise sexism in academia – and what you can do about it
Powerful boost to R&D: Industry Growth Program welcomed
What is the ‘sunk cost fallacy’? Is it ever a good thing?
Casual, distant, aesthetically limited: 5 ways smartphone photography is changing how we see the world
Board changes at Hort Innovation
Taste depends on nature and nurture. Here are 7 ways you can learn to enjoy foods you don’t like
Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape: Insights from Google Cloud’s Forecast 2024
The Cell and Gene Catalyst call for change in submission to scope of practice review
Alterity Therapeutics raises $4.8 million in new placement
Digital platform regulators release working papers on algorithms and AI
Outcome of 3.4/3.7 GHz bands spectrum allocation process
Carved trees and burial sites: Wiradjuri Elders share the hidden stories of _marara_ and _dhabuganha_
New Tsubame Terrace cafeteria opens on Ookayama Campus
Strengthening clarity and accountability: the first update to interim guidance on generative AI
An expert reviews the government’s 7-year plan to boost Australia’s cyber security. Here are the key takeaways
Optus, Cisco and La Trobe supercharge local skills and industry through launch of world-class Digital Innovation Hub