Environment News

Expansion of meat and soy pushes deforestation and threatens survival of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil
EPA congratulates finalists in Premier’s Sustainability Awards 26 October
NPWS burning in Dalrymple Hay Nature Reserve, Pymble
Engineers Australia backs net zero commitment, calls for bold near-term action to match
Monash Expert: Government commits to making Australia carbon neutral by 2050
2030 is target our Reef needs
Urgent action needed this decade, farmers say
Veterinarians for Climate Action welcome net zero target, while calling for stronger targets to protect Australia’s animals from
Australian net-zero deal: government plans to expand coal, gas use and exports
Morrison Government’s net zero “plan” is to let others do hard work on emissions
Landholder cleans up waste after direction notice
Crackdown on dodgy operators dumping asbestos-riddled soil
Landcare Australia receives 2021 UN Day Honour 26 October
Greenpower accredited renewable energy pilot for businesses
Big boost to national parks in Western NSW
Post-COVID economic recovery riddled with secrecy
Net zero by 2050 welcome, but 2030 is main game
IMARC brings Next Gen to mining and resources
Birdlife at Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary
New three-year research project to monitor and conserve marine megafauna in Territory
Public call for expressions of interest for potential AFMA funding
Strong climate policy win for regions, farmers say
CMI welcomes net-zero agreement, calling for details and greater 2030 ambition
McConaghy Properties chooses Natroshield to clean up on Sustainability Goals
Yarrabah near Cairns – rubbish fire
New partnership to protect critically endangered Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat
Half trillion dollars saved by 2035 with transition to 100% electric vehicles
4 demands we have for COP26: time is now
Landcare Australia receives 2021 UN Day Honour
Communities urged to be vigilant with prospect of severe weather
You’re invited – EPA welcomes community to online forum
Time for new ERF direction as Abbott-era funds committed, regional Australia remains big winner
Geelong court upholds EPA litter fine
Funding to support city’s most vulnerable women and Indigenous people
First synthetic turf guidelines for NSW
Accelerating our transition to net zero: CEFC leads way to low emissions future
For safe future for Pacific, fossil fuel projects and subsidies must end at COP26
Kilter Rural signs on to “Together We Can”
Health impacts of smoke from fires in Amazon
10 African Climate Youth Activists Changing Face of Planet
Australia can’t afford to be climate change laggard, HESTA CEO tells climate summit
CEFC finance powers Australia’s first electric bus fleet to drive down noise and emissions
Fossil fuel producing countries pushing back against climate action in landmark UN report, leaked documents show
Leaked report reveals Australia’s role as global coal lobbyist
ARPANSA 2020-21 annual report tabled
Better food systems: Championing heirloom rice
Carnarvon National Park bushfire
Inaction over illegal palm oil in Indonesia’s megadiverse forest estate jeopardises people and planet