Gold standard: New car laws to slash pollution by 20 million tonnes

Climate Council analysis, released today, shows the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will cut more climate pollution than getting all Aussie homes off gas.

The standard, soon to be debated in Parliament, can prevent 20 million tonnes of pollution from being pumped into our atmosphere by 2030 – more climate pollution avoided than is produced in two years by the 5.1 million gas-connected homes in Australia. By 2035, the standard is set to prevent 80 million tonnes of climate-wrecking pollution, equivalent to the pollution from every gas-connected home in Australia for more than nine years.

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie, said: “Transport is Australia’s fastest growing source of climate pollution. This new analysis reveals that the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will cut 20 million tonnes of climate pollution this decade, an impressive step in the right direction.

“The Standard will bring more efficient vehicles to Australia, putting us on the road to cleaner air and cheaper bills. Our climate and our wallets will benefit once this standard kicks into gear.”

“With some car manufacturers’ sales responsible for as much pollution as our dirtiest coal mines, delivering the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will keep them honest and unlock more supply of cleaner cars that are cheaper to run.”

Climate Council Head of Policy and Advocacy, Dr Jennifer Rayner, said: “We can slash climate pollution from transport by cleaning up our cars. Capping the amount of climate pollution new cars produce is a long-overdue piece of the puzzle in giving Australians access to the same clean, efficient cars millions are already buying overseas.

“To maximise these benefits and halve transport pollution by 2030, the Australian Government can now pair this important reform with a new national focus on shared and active transport. Australians deserve more transport options which get us from A to B in ways that benefit our hip-pockets, health, and environment. Shared and active transport is the ‘next train off the platform’ for action to keep slashing climate pollution further and faster this decade.”

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