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Sydney flooding returns
AEMO Report: Renewables transition accelerating on road to net zero
Sun set to power local wastewater treatment: Ballina Shire
Port Phillip Deputy Mayor joins national climate leadership coalition
La Niña could return by year’s end, Climate Council urges governments to prepare
NSW Climate Change Adaptation Plan ‘a long time coming’, signals need for national approach to worsening climate disasters
Labor’s 2030 emissions targets must aim higher and go faster
A “supercharged” clean energy future, central to Energy Ministers meeting
NSW cutting power bills and emissions with sensible policy
Former fire and emergency chiefs present six-point disaster preparedness and response plan to new Government
Climate Council researchers map influence of recent floods and fires on swings in key seats
Quad meeting first step in repairing our global climate reputation
Australia’s climate champions have spoken: now it’s time for Labor to step up
Australia’s climate champions have conquered: now it’s time for Labor to step up
CCS “will not solve this problem”: Energy expert responds to expected Morrison Government announcement
More Major flooding for Queensland highlights escalating climate risks
Reef report confirms severe bleaching, highlighting need for rapid emissions reduction this decade
‘CUT CRAP’: Climate Council responds to dodgy climate claims from Liberal-National Party
One in 25 Australian homes uninsurable by 2030: Climate Council launches cutting edge digital climate-risk map
Greens climate policy matches urgency of climate crisis
Climate experts weigh in on why Australia is losing footing in Pacific
Report: Queenslanders would save hundreds on power bills with simple changes to energy efficiency standards
Report: Victorians would save hundreds on power bills with simple changes to energy efficiency standards
Report: NSW residents would save hundreds on power bills with simple changes to energy efficiency standards
Western Australians would save hundreds on power bills with simple changes to energy efficiency standards
Report: energy guzzling Aussie homes costing homeowners hundreds of dollars year
New AEMO report: More renewables and storage needed to replace fossil fuels
Industry body slams fuel security announcement as a “drop in refinery”
“It’s now or never”: new IPCC report issues warning to governments to speed up renewables transition
Morrison Government’s climate record deemed ‘a catastrophic failure’: one in four Australians give zero rating
“A massive lost opportunity”: virtually no funding for climate in Federal Budget
Massive missed opportunity for Climate – Climate Council responds to Federal Budget
New report: Australia must move past expensive and polluting gas
New study: fossil fuel production must be phased out in 12 years
Climate Council responds to South Australian election
Dire warning for Great Barrier Reef as UN inspection begins: Climate Council briefing
City hosts public discussion on continuing vision for more liveable, sustainable and diverse Sydney
More rain in three days than entire year in London: New Climate Council report shows disaster off charts