Parents for Climate

Parents for Climate is backing in findings from new national polling released today that shows parents and carers with kids at home want more efficient cars, cheaper bills and cleaner air.

The polling, commissioned by the Climate Council, shows an overwhelming majority of parents (86%) are feeling the pain of increasing petrol prices. Parents (60%) from across Australia support making cars more efficient through the Federal Government’s proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard.

The majority of parents agree the proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will help cut fuel costs (57%), and most (60%) say that if there were more choices of low and zero emission vehicles available, they would be interested in buying one to replace their current car.

CEO of Parents for Climate, Nic Seton, said that parents stand to benefit the most from the proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard:

“Parents choose and use cars to support their kids. We know that most parents want cars that are cheaper to run and pollute less. The proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard is an important piece of the puzzle in cleaning up our transport system and communities.

Parents often choose vehicles that cater for both their kids and their business, for journeys that can’t be replaced by walking or rolling. Families deserve access to the same cleaner and cheaper to run vehicles that manufacturers are currently sending to countries with fuel efficiency standards in place.”

Whether on the school run, or weekend adventure, families are really going to benefit from this policy through access to more choice and cleaner air. Parents want access to cheaper to run cars that help to alleviate cost of living pressures, as well as cleaner cars that better protect our kids’ health.”

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