7 May 2024, Cr Geoff Lovett – Maryborough Advertiser


Football has started so again I am spending a lot of time driving between Maryborough and Natte Yallock to watch my two grandsons play.

Recently whilst driving out I was struck by the amount of fallen timber on the roadside – kilometre after kilometre the verges are strewn with literally tonnes of fallen debris resulting from the storm we had some two months ago.

Throughout our Shire many roads are in a similar condition. Considering that collecting roadside timber is currently not allowed I was thinking about what could be done.

Why couldn’t the Government licence community organisations or sporting clubs to collect this valuable resource? Obviously OH&S issues, along with road safety concerns would need to be addressed, but this proposition would not only clean up the verges, it would also give the clubs access to a new and badly needed income stream.

The collected timber could be cut into domestic size blocks with a percentage being donated to those in need, and the balance sold, helping to support the clubs.

This scheme could be easily rolled out statewide, having positive benefits for community organisations whilst at the same time cleaning up the environment and removing potential roadside hazards.

I know there will be the expected doubters who find fault in everything, but this is a scheme that has the ability to benefit everyone involved. I have always believed in the adage ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, and sometimes through necessity we need to think outside the square!

Who knows? With a positive outlook, this suggestion could be successful throughout rural Victoria! Let’s give it a go.

Cr Geoff Lovett

Maryborough Ward

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