8 Year/300,000km Battery Warranty for Foton EVs


Purchasers of new Foton T5 EV all-electric trucks are being provided with extra peace of mind, with Foton Mobility Distribution announcing a new 8-year/300,000km power battery warranty for the Australian market.

The worldwide leader in new energy commercial transport, Foton has led the way around the globe with products that have been proven in the field as dependable and reliable.

The extended warranty is now available on all new orders, dealer stock and demonstrator models, with the Foton T5 EV model also featuring a 5-year/200,000km general vehicle warranty.

“We are particularly proud of the Foton T5 EV, which has quickly taken a decisive sales lead in the all-electric light truck space,” said Bill Gillespie, Foton Mobility Distribution’s General Manager of Light Duty Vehicles.

“Around the world, Foton dominates the alternate fuels space with over 22,000 units produced last year alone, and with this worldwide expertise, we can stand by our products with this extended power battery warranty.

“Looking at the EV market here in Australia, this offering easily exceeds any other similar support available, allowing Foton owners to be sure they are investing in high-quality, yet affordable technology.

“Furthermore, the trucks are backed by a nationwide dealer network from Cairns to Perth, and are supported by 24/7 roadside assistance, as provided by industry leader NTI Truck Assist.”

The Foton T5 EV’s leading point of difference is its unique for EV 3,500kg braked towing capacity, making it highly adaptable, and capable of slotting into more fleet applications seamlessly.

A leading example of the model in use is the ready-to-go T5 EV tipper, featuring an Australian-made steel tipper body, making it ideal for use in municipalities and landscaping.

Another strength of the package is its flexibility, with the model available with a rated GVM of 4,500kg for car licence operation, or 6,000kg for light rigid licenced drivers, with either option allowing for towing.

From a financial perspective, the T5 EV features around 20 per cent lower upfront and operational expenditure costs, with line items such as diesel being a thing of the past.

Uptime isn’t compromised for the package, with DC fast charging allowing for full recharging in 1.5 hours, or alternatively, the standard 11kW AC onboard charger can fully recharge the drive battery in just 7.2 hours, allowing for overnight turnarounds.

The T5 EV has a fully loaded range of 180km, while also offering a full safety suite, including a Low-Speed Pedestrian Warning System, a comprehensive electronic braking and stability support package, dual SRS airbags, as well as a reversing radar and buzzer.

To be eligible for the new power battery warranty, all vehicle servicing is required to be completed according to the owner’s handbook service schedule.

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