Discover gems from around the world as we unveil the wonders of Jepara Pallavine, Longido Ruby, Zambian Kariba Amethyst, and Turkish Purple Jade this weekend, 14th and 15th October 2023 with gem expert, Gavin Linsell, on TVSN.

The world of gemstones is filled with wonders, and these four exceptional gemstones offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of our Earth’s natural treasures.

Jepara Pallavine: A Gem from the Stars

  • Cosmic Origin: Jepara Pallavine hails from a meteorite discovered in Jepara, Java, Indonesia. This meteorite, dated at over 4 billion years old, carries a piece of the universe in its bright olive-green hue.
  • Rarity Beyond Measure: Jepara Pallavine is one of the world’s rarest gems, with just over 100 Pallasites discovered. It’s scarcer than gold and showcases exceptional brilliance and transparency.
  • Social Responsibility: The authenticity of Jepara Pallavine is guaranteed by Jepara GmbH, a socially responsible and vertically integrated company, actively contributing to scientific research and responsible mining.

Longido Ruby: The Gem of Love

  • Classic Beauty: Longido Ruby boasts bright, intense crimson reds with excellent clarity and cutting quality. This gem’s timeless beauty represents love and passion.
  • Rarity and Value: Scarcer than diamonds, Longido Ruby is a highly sought-after gem. It is exceptionally valuable, especially as fine facet-grade gemstones are becoming harder to find.
  • Durability: With a Mohs hardness of 9, Longido Ruby is a durable gemstone, perfect for everyday jewellery.

Zambian Kariba Amethyst: The Gem with a Heart

  • Stunning Colour: Zambian Kariba Amethyst exhibits a rich, blueberry-purple hue with blue flashes, a hallmark of quality Brazilian and Zambian Amethyst. It’s a gem that’s as beautiful as it is ethical.
  • Community Impact: Mined in the Kariba Mine, Zambia, this gem supports the local community, employing over 200 people and benefiting thousands through infrastructure development.
  • Natural Beauty: Zambian Kariba Amethyst remains unenhanced, allowing its natural splendour to shine.

Turkish Purple Jade: A Unique Treasure

  • Ancient Origins: Turkish Purple Jade, found only in Bursa Province, Turkey, is a unique variation of Jadeite, the most valuable of Jade types.
  • Spectacular Colour: Displaying rich purples with characteristic mottling, Turkish Purple Jade is admired for its intriguing patterns and vibrant hues.
  • Historic Rarity: Once the sole source is depleted, Turkish Purple Jade will become exceedingly challenging to obtain, with the Turkish government considering designating it a National Heritage Stone.

TVSN is a leading authority in the world of gemstones, committed to sourcing and offering extraordinary gemstone specimens to collectors and jewellery enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on quality, authenticity, and ethical practices, TVSN remains a trusted source for exquisite gemstones.

These four gemstones, from the otherworldly Jepara Pallavine to the exquisite Turkish Purple Jade, offer beauty, rarity, and durability, making them priceless additions to any gem collection. Explore the universe within these remarkable gemstones.

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