After Impact: Road Crash Survivors documentary

NT Government

For many survivors of a road crash, the consequences can be severe and lifelong, both for themselves and their loved ones. A moving documentary highlighting the stories of seven road crash survivors will broadcast on Channel 9 tonight.

After Impact: Road Crash Survivors is an initiative between the Northern Territory Government and Recording Artists Athletes Against Drink Driving (RADD) and speaks to the physical consequences of serious injuries from road trauma and the ongoing financial stress and psychological trauma that people are faced with for the rest of their lives.

Each year in the NT an average of 500 people are seriously injured in a road crash every year, and approximately 40 000 people nationally.

Often for people who have never been involved in a road crash, or have never known somebody who has, they think that you either live or you die, with no understanding of what can happen when you do survive.

The documentary highlights how the impact of road trauma on an individual extends to their families and support network, first responders and witnesses, allied health professionals, workplaces and beyond.

In addition to the obvious physical impacts such as pain and suffering, medical tests and procedures, recovery and rehabilitation, road crash survivors also live with:

financial impacts: medical bills, loss of income, repair costs or adjustments to equipment or environmentssocial impacts: loss of job and wages, loss of freedom, loss of licence, shameemotional impacts: mental trauma, guilt and regret, depression, impact on relationships, quality of life, reliance on family and friends.

The documentary will air on Channel 9, Monday 4 December at 7.30pm.

Quotes from Claire Brown, General Manager Transport and Safety Services, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

“We hope this documentary will help raise awareness of the potential long term impacts of serious injuries from road crashes, and educate and encourage the community to make safer choices on the road.

“Ahead of the busy festive period, we remind all Territorians to Check. Plan. Go. ahead of embarking on any travel, download the Road Report NT app or visit, and if you plan to drink, plan to have a Sober Bob.”

Quotes from Peter Rubinstein, Producer-Director of After Impact and National Director of RADD

“The courage to tell your story, to put yourself in the public eye, by talking about being a road crash survivor who sustained serious lifelong injuries in a road crash, is simply incredible. Put yourself in the shoes of each of these 7 people. How would you feel talking about some of the lowest points in your life on network television?

“The resilience and strength of character of Blake, Eli, Holly, John, Locky, Samara, and Will to want to tell their story in the hope that others hear about it and learn from it is simply amazing. It was extremely difficult for them at times, but they never gave up.”

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