Aged Care Reforms Continue To Deliver Improved Care

Department of Health

New data reveals that under the Albanese Government, older Australians in aged care homes are now receiving historic levels of care.

Aged care resident are now receiving an additional 3.6 million minutes of direct care every single day.

Since 1 October 2023, residential aged care homes have been required to deliver an average of 200 direct care minutes per resident per day, including 40 minutes of care by a registered nurse.

Data from the first quarter of this new requirement shows that aged care homes delivered an average of 201.93 care minutes per resident per day, including 38.76 by a registered nurse.

This represents an increase of 20 total care minutes per day since 2020-21.

This is in addition to delivering our 24/7 nursing requirement, with registered nurses now onsite 98.79% of the time, or 23 hours and 42 minutes per day.

These results mean older Australians in aged care homes have better access than ever to registered nurses, enrolled nurses, personal care workers and assistants in nursing.

Care minutes were recommended by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, which identified that staffing levels are vital to high-quality aged care.

See Care minutes in residential aged care dashboard f

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