Aged Care Residents Disagree with Prime Minister


Aged care residents of Lifeview homes in Victoria have expressed their disappointment with the Prime Minister’s statements on allowing visitors into their home.

Residents have gone on the record in a series of short video messages, to state they are not only safe and well during this time but not locked away, with nothing to do as the Prime Minister has suggested. They want the Prime Minister and other politicians to listen to them, when they say they do not want to open their home to visitors.

Under the Charter of Aged Care Rights residents have the right to have control over and make choices about their care, personal and social life, including where the choices involve personal risk; have control over and make decisions about the personal aspects of their daily life, and be listened to and understood.

Resident Michael, says he suffers from emphysema and asthma, and is worried if visitors were allowed to enter the home they may bring the virus with them, and it will kill him.

Resident June, states although she would love to see her family she too wants the current restrictions on visitors maintained.

Resident Lorraine, says she is not happy to have visitors enter the home, that staff in the home are doing a magnificent job in keeping everyone safe and now is not the time to open the doors.

Resident Joan, asks why the Prime Minister is allowing visitors into her home but not allowing people to visit his house. Why the double standard?

Resident Anne, says she agrees with restrictions on visitors and it will only take one person with the virus to put the whole home at risk.

Resident David, states there are a lot of activities and entertainment options in the home, and believes the government should be erring on the side of caution.

A recent survey of residents in relation to visitor restrictions showed they overwhelmingly supported the actions taken to protect them and the staff of the home, with over 80% stating they either strongly agreed or agreed with the move.

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