MELBOURNE, VICTORIA – In a daring fusion of human creativity and technical artistry, the musical hip-hopera “Theta vs. Pi” was released today. The audacious concept album envisions a powerful creative dialogue between two iconic-yet-conflicted musical figures based on Taylor Swift (“Theta”) and Kanye West (“Pi”). Blending cutting-edge Tool AI with the balanced hand of a human producer, “Theta vs. Pi” challenges listeners to discern which emotions are human and what beats are machine-made. The 8-track album poignantly explores themes of rivalry, redemption, and the unifying power of music itself. From hard-hitting rock anthems like “Retaliation” to the stripped-back intimacy of “Full Apology”,” the album re-imagines the complicated dynamics between its two central characters and the glaring spotlight of fame’s firestorm. The use of Artificial Intelligence tools have come under controversy in recent weeks with the #noai movement on social media leading the charge. “I seem to to have a more positive intuition to using Tool AI in the creative arts then most”, said Steven Pirois, a Melbourne-based Machine Learning Engineer who produced the album. “This is a far less cynical approach to making use of technology in art. We’ve created a deeply human narrative that radiates with emotion.”

In preparation for the release, Pirois drafted a response to the #noai movement, in particular famed musician Nick Cave, one of the most prominent opponents of AI in music. While engaging with celebrity narratives, “Theta vs. Pi” promotes a spirit of solidarity, emotional honesty, and optimism. “It is crucial to handle this subject matter with intense curiosity and applying these tools to create a product that can be contrasted and discussed is my attempt to elevate that discourse,” Pirois explained. “Just as photography became an additional art form to that of illustrated works, I see AI production as an additional choice in the creative’s toolkit, not a replacement. My aim was to spark vital conversations around AI’s expanding role in the creative arts and the potential it has for trailblazing artistry.” While sparking conversation about the role of AI in Music, “Theta vs. Pi” ultimately aims to unite audiences through the universal language of emotionally resonant music. In addition to all the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Google Music), the full album is also available on YouTube

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