Alice Springs – Post Curfew Response

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Extra police, high-visibility patrols and full police coverage at bottle shops are just some of the measures that will remain in place after the Alice Springs Youth Curfew ends on Tuesday.

Chief Minister Eva Lawler today announced her common-sense response to ensure the benefits of the Alice Springs Youth Curfew are continued even after the circuit-breaker curfew ends.

These measures were discussed at length as part of a roundtable with community leaders and stakeholders about what they wanted to happen in Alice Springs to ensure community safety.

The Northern Territory Police Force will continue to lead the Alice Springs Community Safety Response as the youth curfew ends on Tuesday 16 April at 6am.

High visibility policing will continue in Alice Springs, with 25 additional police officers, and a further 10 officers from South Australia Police who are stationed in the Red Centre. The 25 extra police will stay until the end of June, when a graduating class of at least 70 constables come online, with some of these sworn officers being placed in Alice Springs.

Sworn Police and other authorised officers will have full coverage at bottle shops in Alice Springs.

The Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities (TFHC) will complement policing with high visibility patrolling, with six specialist staff stationed in the Alice Springs CBD, along with the extension of Public Housing Safety Officer coverage to 3:00am.

The co-responder model is also in effect, with Police and TFHC working together to support young people on the streets at night to find a safe place to sleep.

In addition, a multi service community safety hub will be established by the Territory Community Safety Coordination Centre (TCSCC) and be located on the Todd Street Mall.

The Government will also work to strengthen Family Responsibility Agreements and other restorative practices to address these complex challenges with practical, real actions to make a difference.

There are many ways we work to ensure parents are responsible for their children, and we are renewing our efforts to work in partnership with other funded service providers.

Quotes attributed to Chief Minister, Eva Lawler:

“I’m taking a common sense approach to improve community safety and lower crime in Alice Springs.

“We’re putting in place a range of measures to build on the success of the Youth Curfew and we will be constantly monitoring the situation on the ground.

“Put simply no child should be walking the streets at night. They should be somewhere safe. This is why we will still have a 25 strong extra police presence, and why specialist Territory Families staff will be patrolling the streets as well. The co-responder model with Territory Families and Police is also in place.”

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