Australia’s parenting guru MAGGIE DENT on surviving the holidays, New Year’s resolutions and going back to work


Maggie Dent is a god-send for parents. Through her books and her new LiSTNR podcast called THE GOOD ENOUGH DAD, she delivers advice that is as compassionate as it is practical.

No matter what she’s talking about – even if it’s your biggest parenting fail – you somehow manage to walk away feeling confident and that everything’s going to be okay, and now she’s released a few HOW Tos that are set to make parents and carers across the country smile.

Here’s Maggie’s guide to surviving the holidays, heading back to work, and also, those NY resolutions!

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The Good Enough Dad’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

When you’re a kid the Christmas holidays feel like they stretch on forever. When you’re the parent of that kid it can feel the same, but for different reasons. In this episode, Maggie outlines how you can thrive through the holidays with your kids, making memories to last a lifetime.

The Good Enough Dad’s Guide to Re-entering the Rat Race

Heading back to work and kids back to school or day care can involve a bit of adjustment. Maggie gives some practical tips on how you can help the whole family ease back into the rat race of life.

The Good Enough Dad’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and Maggie has some suggestions on goals that might be helpful for being the best dad you can be in 2024.

AND in case you missed it, here’s some of the best bits of Maggie’s advice from the first season of The Good Enough Dad, Maggie’s latest podcast with LiSTNR where she interviews a few of the 5.4 million dads* in Australia about their wins, challenges and stuff-ups, proving along the way that being “good enough” is exactly what our kids need:

#1. Hamish Blake: Maggie’s advice – Regular dad dates help build connection (20’55)

#2. Ben Hannant : Maggie’s advice – Teach your girls resilience- they can’t always rely on you (22’26)

#3. David Campbell: Maggie’s advice – When your kids yell at you, it’s a sign that you are their safe person (16’59)

#4. Sean Szeps: Maggie’s advice – All girls need is a loving and connected dad (33’11)

#5. Matt Okine: Maggie’s advice – Discipline is about guiding our kids, punishment engenders fear (7’45)

#6. Tristan MacManus: Maggie’s advice – It’s important to understand that men and women grieve differently, including when it comes to pregnancy loss (12’06)

The Good Enough Dad is on LiSTNR.

Source: *Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2 September 2016


/Public Release.