Australian Fertility Clinic Delivers More Hope By Reducing Cost Uncertainty


We are seeing a boom in patients accessing IVF post COVID, just as the federal government encourages couples considering a baby to do so to help boost the economy. There has been a 15% increase nationally in cycle numbers for the two-month period post COVID restrictions compared to the corresponding period in 2019 (Genea’s national data).

In an industry first, to help in this uncertain economic environment, Genea is going to be providing some financial support to patients- offering those who don’t have a baby in three cycles, no out of pocket charge for the next two stimulated cycles and any associated frozen transfers.

In an Australian first Genea Fertility is bringing some comfort to patients when it comes to concerns about the financial impact of IVF, making a promise to do an additional two cycles at no out of pocket cost, if more than three stimulated cycles are required*.

Reflecting Genea’s confidence in its ability to give patients the best chance to have a family, General Manger of Operations Kathleen Waite made the announcement, “if patients have three stimulated cycles at Genea with no baby and still require treatment, the next two stimulated cycles and any embryo transfers associated will be charged at the Medicare rebate amount, so the patient won’t have an out-of-pocket*.” She added, “we’ve said for decades we are the leaders in IVF treatment, we truly believe we offer the best care and technology in the world, this incredible offer is testament to our belief in our leadership and our commitment to making babies.”

Genea prides themselves on their ability to maximise patients’ chance of having their whole family in as few stimulated cycles as possible. Their Geri incubation system has seen a 24 per cent increase in the number of pregnancies** and on average, patients now have 27 per cent more embryos which can be transferred or frozen for future use#.

“Fertility clinics can’t guarantee success, but we can provide some certainty around the cost. We acknowledge that patients don’t know how many cycles they may have, but this offer provides a level of comfort to those that are worried they may need to have multiple cycles.”

Genea patient and mother of two, Alicia Hundy said, “when you first learn you require treatment, you compare clinics. It is confusing, you compare price, success rates, science and care, it’s hard to know which clinics are best.” Alicia added,

Alicia’s husband Matt added, “after our first failed cycle I was nervous about how many more we would need, it was hard to budget. Fortunately, we had our daughter on our third stimulated cycle but that doesn’t happen for everyone. To know that after three stims, Genea will reduce its costs* and provide peace of mind to patients, I am sure the offer will be welcomed by those who are looking for greater financial certainty.”

/Public Release.