Australian Red Cross launches Register.Find.Reunite. to reunite families and friends impacted by Tropical Low 09U/Ex Tropical Cyclone Megan

Australian Red Cross

In response to Tropical Low 09U/Ex Tropical Cyclone Megan, Australian Red Cross has launched the Register.Find.Reunite. service.

Australian Red Cross NT Emergency Services State Manager Annette Plowman said being separated from family and friends is one of the most stressful things a person can experience during an emergency.

“Not knowing where your loved ones are, not being able to contact them by phone or email adds to that anxiety,” Ms Plowman said.

“The service helps find and reunite family, friends and loved ones during a disaster.”

If you or a loved one has been impacted by Tropical Low 09U/Ex Tropical Cyclone Megan, Australian Red Cross encourages you to register or enquire through the Register.Find.Reunite. service.

People can register and look for someone with Register.Find.Reunite. on the Australian Red Cross website at from a computer or any mobile device.

If internet and mobile devices are down due to the emergency, people can also register and enquire in person at Foskey Pavilion Evacuation Centre at Darwin Showgrounds in Winnellie NT, 0820.

The Register.Find.Reunite. service matches registrations from people affected by an emergency to enquiries made by their loved ones searching for news. Where a match is made, with consent, the person who made the enquiry will be notified.

It is important for emergency management agencies to know where people are during emergencies. By registering with Register.Find.Reunite. you are also letting important services know that you are OK and what support you may need.

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