AUSTRALIAN supply chain EXPERTS transform RETAILING in Vietnam

(apropos Prime Minister Morrison’s visit to Vietnam)



Australia’s leader in developing supply chains for the Asia Pacific region has partnered with a booming conglomerate to transform the retail sector in Vietnam.

Sydney-based XAct Solutions has signed a strategic cooperation contract to build a state-of-the-international-art supply chain for VinCommerce, which owns the largest retail footprint in Vietnam, with over 2,200 stores and 56 supermarkets in more than 40 provinces and cities.

The huge project will accelerate VinCommerce’s goal of becoming one of the leading retailers in the Asia Pacific region.

On completion, the revolutionary supply network will give Vietnam its first fully integrated and standardised system for mass-scale retailing: from warehousing, goods management, asset management and transport optimisation to sophisticated IT control.

The supply chain transformation project will start with the development of six huge warehouses throughout Vietnam, which will be the central points of storage and distribution for all products sold through VinCommerce.

Each warehouse will have dry storage, cool storage, cold storage and freezer storage, with temperature frames complying with global standards of goods preservation.

A just-in-time delivery model will monitor inventory levels at each warehouse, allowing VinCommerce to provide products effectively, economically, on time and at competitive prices for customers in nearly 2,500 points of sale nationwide.

“The VinCommerce retail system is developing very fast,” said Byron Patching, co-founder of XAct Solutions. “This is a breakthrough supply network, and we are delighted that the Vin group has chosen us as their partner in development. Managing inventory and ensuring cargo flow is the key to the success of a modern retailer.”

Ms Le Thi Kim Thuy, Deputy General Director of VinCommerce, said: “The co-operation with XAct Solutions will bring our supply chain to international standards as we continue our relentless efforts to bring more benefits to Vietnamese consumers.”

Video about the recent visit by Ambassador of Vietnam Ngo Huong Nam to XAct Solutions in Sydney:

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