Bayside Businesses are turning trash into treasure with the Container Deposit Scheme

Build an income stream for your small business and see the benefits of becoming an Over the Counter (OTC) refund point with Return-It.

OTC refund points are popping up across Bayside and by signing up, your customers can return eligible containers in small quantities over your counter. The customer will receive a 10-cent refund and you’ll score a handling fee for each item.

Return-It are looking for more businesses who are interested in becoming Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) refund points in Bayside.

There are lots of benefits for businesses:

  • Drive Foot Traffic: By offering OTC services, you’ll draw more people into your store. More foot traffic means more eyes on your products and services, helping to raise awareness of your business.
  • Earn Money: Every container returned through your OTC contributes to your bottom line. It’s a win-win situation: customers get their refund, and you make some extra cash.
  • Support Recycling: By facilitating container returns, you’re playing a crucial role in creating cleaner recycling streams. Plus, you’re helping to reduce litter and waste in our environment.
  • Community Engagement: Your involvement in the OTC program shows that your business cares about the community and the planet. This can help raise stronger connections with your customers and enhance your brand reputation.

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