Big Build And Big Budget Win For Wide Bay

  • $3.5 billion Big Build spend for Wide Bay in 2024-25
  • $952 million for the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service
  • $786 million towards the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program

New Premier Steven Miles first budget is delivering for the quickly growing Wide Bay region, with more investment into health, infrastructure and education thanks to the 2024-25 Queensland Budget.

The 2024-25 Queensland Budget features a nation-leading $11.218 billion in concession and rebates to provide cost-of-living relief to Queenslanders, alongside a record $107.262 billion capital program for infrastructure statewide.

The Miles Government is putting major infrastructure into the spotlight with Queensland’s Big Build Spend for the region increased to $3.5 billion, generating 9,400 jobs in the Wide Bay.

The Bruce highway will benefit from major upgrades with $5.6 million in 2024-25 to go towards the Tiaro Bypass, and $110.6 million in 2024-25 to construct a new 26km, four-lane, divided highway between the existing Bruce Highway interchange at Woondum, south of Gympie, and Curra.

The regions rich rail history will be celebrated with $786 million going towards the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program, including a purpose-built manufacturing facility at Torbanlea which will deliver 65 new six-car passenger trains.

Community Safety is also front and centre with this Budget dedicated to improving frontline police services.

Including $4.1 million to complete the upgrade of the police facility at Maryborough, $15 million upgrade and enhance the function of Hervey Bay and Bundaberg police stations and additional funding to deliver additional aerial enforcement capabilities.

Premier Miles is continuing to invest in health with a $952 million investment for the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service to deliver even better access to healthcare across the region.

$68.1 million in funding is to progress the new Bundaberg Hospital which will have more than 400 beds, increasing the number of overnight beds in the region by 121 and an $8.8 million investment towards delivering the new alcohol and other drugs residential facilities in Bundaberg, providing a service that is voluntary for people aged 18 years and over who want to make positive changes in relation to alcohol and other drug use.

As part of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, $116.4 million will go towards the Southern Renewable Energy Zone Battery. The battery will have the capacity to supply 300 megawatts (two hours) of energy into the National Electricity Market, making it one of the largest battery energy storage systems in Queensland.

The Miles Government is continuing to invest in education and will provide $79 million to maintain, improve and upgrade schools in the wide bay, as well as $4.75 million to construct additional specialist classrooms at Kepnock State High School and upgrade the amenities at Biggenden State School.

As stated by the Premier Steven Miles:

“I am doing what matters for Queenslanders delivering the largest investment into Queensland Health services, infrastructure and frontline workers in the state’s history.

“My first budget as Queensland’s Premier is helping unlock the Wide Bay’s potential, from protecting the important heritage of this region to ensuring safe and secure water supplies, new hospitals and upgraded roads and schools.

“I am also delivering more frontline services for the Wide Bay with extra nurses, extra doctors and more ambulance officers.

“I will always put Queenslanders first and do what matters most to them.”

As stated by the Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick:

“With more than $950 million for Wide Bay healthcare, we’ll hire more doctors, nurses and ambos for the region, adding to the 192 extra doctors and 564 extra nurses our government has delivered since 2015.

“With $59.1 million out of a $162.6 million total spend to provide 6,500 training places for eligible Queenslanders who are passionate about healthcare to study the Diploma of Nursing our increased health spending is about ensuring that we provide better services and that Queenslanders can get access to the medical care they need.

“Our ‘Big Build’ infrastructure spend will also support around 9,400 jobs across the Wide Bay and is helping grow the region’s economy by investing in health infrastructure and providing cleaner, greener energy for the community.

“This Budget continues our commitment to improving outcomes for students and teachers in the region, we are upgrading schools in Biggenden and Kepnock to provide these communities with better facilities to enable students to thrive.

“We are also improving accessibility to learning opportunities with new learning spaces, free kindy and fee-free TAFE.

“We are bolstering the Australian Government electricity bill relief by $1,000, meaning that Queensland households will receive $1,300 off their electricity bills.

“This budget was made with Queenslanders in mind, and we will do what matters most for them.”

As stated by Bruce Saunders, Assistant Minister for Train Manufacturing and Regional Roads and Maryborough MP:

“New Premier Steven Miles’ first State budget is doing what matters for Maryborough.

“This Budget will deliver $765 million towards the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program, building a new purpose-built facility at Torbanlea and an additional 65 six-car passenger trains.

“This funding secures local well-paid manufacturing jobs in Maryborough right now and into the future.

“When David Crisafulli and LNP were last in government, Maryborough’s manufacturing heartland was gutted and our region lost hundreds of local jobs.

The LNP does not back local manufacturing and they don’t back Maryborough.”

As stated by Bundaberg MP Tom Smith:

“The Miles Government’s Budget has delivered even more for our community with a sharp focus on cost of living relief, major infrastructure investment, and job creation for Bundaberg locals.

“Delivering large-scale health and education projects means that this budget has set a blue-print for better services and skilled employment opportunities across the region.

“This is what Labor Governments do, invest in services, invest in infrastructure, and deliver better outcomes for Queenslanders living right across our State.”

As stated by Adrian Tantari MP Member for Hervey Bay:

“I’ll always stand up for the Hervey Bay and fight to get our fair share of funding and infrastructure to keep up our growing region’s needs.

“That’s why I’m so pleased with our new Premier Steven Miles’ first budget which delivers what matters for the Hervey Bay.

“With $28 million for a new Hervey Bay Police Station, $40 million for the Hervey Bay Hospital Expansion and land secured for a new Hervey Bay Fire Station, our new Premier Steven Miles is committed to building a better Hervey Bay.

“But this is all at risk under David Crisafulli and the LNP who have outlined no plans for the Hervey Bay and have neglected our region before.”

Other Wide Bay Budget investments include:

  • $17.1 million in 2024-25 to support the delivery of the Bundaberg East Levee
  • $8.2 million in 2024-25 to upgrade the intersection between Hervey Bay road and Pialbla – Burrum Heads road.
  • $109.6 million to continue planning and enabling works for a new Paradise Dam wall.
  • $50.2 million in 2024-25 to replace and refurbish handling equipment and infrastructure at Meandu Mine.

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