Brimbank Man Guilty Of Beating Dog

RSPCA Victoria

Warning: This release contains description of violence against animals and could be distressing.

A 36-year-old Brimbank man has been found guilty of two counts of animal cruelty; beating or terrifying an animal and unreasonable failure to provide treatment for an animal, at the Sunshine Magistrates Court on 18 April 2024.

The man was sentenced to a Community Correction Order for 24 months with conviction and banned from being the person in charge of any animals for a period of 10 years, narrowly avoiding imprisonment.

RSPCA Victoria Inspectors began investigating after receiving a report of animal cruelty regarding a 12-week-old Jack Russell Terrier.

The investigation found after the puppy had urinated in the man’s bedroom, he became enraged, putting the puppy in a headlock and punching him in the head around six times, and then in the stomach region before throwing the puppy onto the tiled floor in the laundry and not returning to the puppy until the next morning.

The puppy was treated for head trauma and injuries including bleeding within the eyes and signs of neurological impairment with difficulty standing and circling to the left when walking, with experts stating the puppy had suffered acute head trauma and subsequent inflammation of the brain.

RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate Veterinarian Dr Rebecca Belousoff said if the puppy had not been taken to receive veterinary care when he did, it’s possible he could have died from the injuries he sustained.

“The puppy should have been taken to the vet straight away for assessment, care, and pain relief,” Dr Belousoff said.

“In my opinion a lay person should have been able to recognise the head trauma the puppy sustained and his inability to walk and function normally after the abuse meant he was severely injured.

“The puppy’s initial prognosis for a full return to normal function was guarded however he made a miraculous recovery, most likely due to his young age, and should continue his life with minimal impairment.”

Magistrate Robinson commented in court he felt nauseous when hearing the particulars of this case during the hearing.

In sentencing he said had been personally affected by the case, was still shocked by it and therefore postponed sentencing.

He further noted the legal system as well as the community cannot tolerate this type of abuse of extreme acts of violence against animals.

In sentencing Magistrate Robinson further stated a term of imprisonment was warranted in this case, and if the puppy had of not recovered or had died, he would have sentenced the accused to a term of imprisonment.

RSPCA Victoria’s Chief Inspector, Michael Stagg, was disgusted by the accused’s actions and was pleased the court’s decision reflected this.

“This type of violence and cruelty towards animals is abhorrent, yet it continues to happen in Victorian homes,” Chief Inspector Stagg said.

“While this puppy has made a full recovery and found his forever home, no animal deserves this violent and inhumane cruelty, and I can only hope this court outcome will put off would be offenders.”

RSPCA Victoria urges anyone with concerns about the welfare of animals to make a report to us at or on 03 9224 2222.

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