Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Following a Council resolution, Latrobe City Council will discontinue the supply and sale of single-use plastic water bottles and straws at Council facilities and events to align with the Victorian Government’s single use plastics ban, by the end of the year.

Almost 15 billion plastic bottles are bought in Australia every year and roughly 70% of plastic water bottles end up in either landfill or in the environment. They contribute to the 130,000 tonnes of plastic that ends up in Australia’s oceans every year and they take up to 1000 years to break down.

Single-use plastics currently make up a third of Victoria’s litter, pollute our precious waterways and harm wildlife. These items are often only used for a few minutes yet generate a significant amount of waste and can be easily avoided or replaced with reusable alternatives.

Mayor of Latrobe City Council, Councillor Darren Howe said the initiative will help community members to embrace a sustainable habit that will contribute to the protection of the region’s environment.

“We want to create a clean, green and healthy environment that is sustainable and enjoyable for our community to live, work and play in. This is a positive step towards reducing our plastic waste and making more sustainable decisions that push us towards our future environmental goals,” said the Mayor.

“We encourage you to bring your own reusable drink bottles to our facilities and fill up at our water fountains. We have water fountains at all leisure centres and Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium. They can also be found at some of our libraries and walking paths.”

East Ward Councillor, Dan Clancey has supported and advocated for the removal of single use plastic water bottles because of the economic, social and environmental benefits it delivers.

“Plastic water bottles are a practice we are used to relying on, however as we have learnt from the removal of single use plastic shopping bags, we can learn to change the way we behave,” said Cr Clancey.

“The state of Victoria is trying to move towards a future where single use plastics are no longer available. Council are taking leadership and implementing an initiative that will address our plastic waste problem, encourage a healthy behaviour change and allow Council to save money on buying plastic water bottles for events that don’t get used or get thrown away.”

Council have been working with suppliers to source plastic free product alternatives and scope out new suppliers that can offer more sustainable options. As an alternative, water will be available in reusable and recyclable aluminium bottles to help those who may have forgotten their water bottle.

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