Call to act on climate change ecocide

Injustices associated with climate change and how planetary ecocide affects humans and non-humans is explored by leading criminologist Professor Rob White in his latest book.

Climate Change Criminology outlines how criminology can assist in the fight for climate justice, highlighting some of the biggest challenges the Earth is presently facing.

“This book is about looking at climate change from a criminological perspective. It’s a call to action to step up the fight for climate justice,” Professor White said.

In his latest work, Professor White explores a wide range of topics associated with climate change and criminology, including global warming, ecocide, heat and criminality, and environmental catastrophe.

“If we know climate change is happening, if we know it’s human caused, then the question is why is it still happening, because we have foreknowledge of consequence,” Professor White said.

“That’s where criminology comes in, and we have concepts such as ecocide, that we’re destroying the planet, and other concepts such as state-corporate crime and even the notion of carbon criminals.

“In other words, we can pinpoint the specific industries and individuals who are destroying the planet in a sustained and systematic way.

“So, climate change criminology looks at the question of environmental harm and how we can start making connections between what’s happening to the natural environment and what we, as a society, can do to intervene to mitigate those changes.”

Rob White is a Professor of Criminology in the College of Arts, Law and Education. He is internationally renowned for his work in the field of green criminology and environmental crime.

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