Candidates asked to support good, permanent jobs for coal mineworkers

CFMEU Mining & Energy’s Queensland District is calling on federal election candidates to support permanent jobs and work rights for Queensland coal mining and energy workers.

A candidates’ pledge calls for support for the industry as well as ending the rampant casualisation that has spread across Queensland’s coal fields over the last six years.

“Coal mining plays an important role in Queensland’s economy and we need political representatives who recognise the importance of the industry to creating jobs and supporting communities,” said District President Stephen Smyth.

Mr Smyth said all mining developments, including Adani, should be assessed fairly on their merits and economic viability.

“There are many mining projects in the pipeline in Queensland and they should be considered and approved on their merits, not become political footballs.

“Most importantly, if mining is going to bring benefit to our region it must deliver quality, permanent jobs with rights for workers.

“On the LNP’s watch, at least every second job coal mining job is now casual with much lower pay than permanent workers.

“It’s a disgraceful record. That’s why we want ‘same work same pay’ for labour hire workers and the right for casuals to convert to permanency – not just request it.

“We are delighted that third generation coal miner Russell Robertson has signed the pledge. I can’t think of a better representative for Central Queensland coal mineworkers in Canberra.”

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