Cat curfew updates

The changes are part of our 2022-26 Domestic Animal Management Plan and update Bayside’s existing cat curfew which has been in place since 2011.

From 2023, during daylight savings, the cat curfew is between 9pm-6am and cats must be confined to their

owner’s property.

During non-daylight savings periods, cats must be confined to their owner’s property between 6pm-6am. The

earlier curfew time means Bayside’s moggies are tucked up for earlier sunsets in the cooler months.

Cute cat sitting indoors on a white fluffy stool being fussed over by his owner.

The curfew changes are aimed at longer, healthier lives for cats, reducing the risk of car-related death or injury, fights with other animals, or fatal diseases such as feline AIDS.

“Essentially, it’s going to help protect our cats,” said Dr Felicity Smither, Vet Director, Greencross Vet Sandringham.

“They’re not going to be hit by a car, which is the number one cause of death for cats under three years of age.”

Dr. Smither makes an important point about the kind of confinement required under the curfew.

“It’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily about confining your cat indoors, but rather to your

property,” she said.

There are a number of companies that offer a range of portable and effective guards and safety nets to

ensure cats remain contained, yet gain crucial outdoor access.

The strengthened restrictions are also designed to protect our natural environment.

“The curfew will help prevent cats from injuring or killing wildlife,” said Michele Phillips from the Southern

Oakleigh Wildlife Shelter.

“A pinprick from a cat is a death sentence to any wildlife. It is also better for the cats, as they can get killed

by cars, fight with other cats, or go missing.”

cute ragdoll cat sitting on pink and white blanket looking at the camera with piercing blue eyes

The introduction of extended cat curfew hours is the first step towards transitioning to 24-hour cat containment in 2025/26, which will require cats to be kept on their owners’ properties at all times.

Bayside’s Domestic Animal Management Plan is a four-year plan that aims to improve and encourage

responsible pet ownership.

Learn more about responsible cat ownership

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