Coalition Government completes 100-day plan

  • Rt Hon Christopher Luxon
  • Hon David Seymour
  • Rt Hon Winston Peters

Today’s announcement of five major health targets means the coalition Government has delivered all 49 actions in its 100-day plan.

“I am proud to lead a Government that delivers on its commitments. We committed to 49 actions in 100 days, and we have delivered 49 actions in 100 days,” Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says.

“Our 100-day plan was focused on the key promises that the coalition Government has made to New Zealanders – to rebuild the economy and ease the cost of living, restore law and order, and to deliver better public services.

“The 49 actions already taken are among the first steps towards delivering on those promises and improving the lives of New Zealanders.

“New Zealand is facing a number of challenges right now, and turning around outcomes that have declined so significantly in the last few years is not going to happen overnight.

“However, by delivering all the actions in this ambitious plan, the coalition Government has shown we have the drive, the team and the strategy to get New Zealand back on track.”

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says the coalition Government has confronted the numerous critical challenges facing New Zealand and got on with the job.

“New Zealand voted for change to tackle the significant long-term economic, social and international challenges and we are proud of the early progress made.

“We have begun the task of steering New Zealand on a course of stability, growing economic prosperity, restoring national unity, and boosting social cohesiveness,” Mr Peters says.

Regulation Minister David Seymour says that in the past 100 days, the Government has been willing to make tough, principled decisions that will allow New Zealanders to make more of a difference in their own lives.

“We’ve delivered for New Zealanders who are fed up with the amount of red tape and regulation they’ve had to put up with and are bringing New Zealand further toward the ideals of freedom, choice, and personal responsibility.

“Our goal continues to be shifting power from the government departments and politicians in Wellington back to you, your family, and your business,” Mr Seymour says.

In addition to setting five targets for the health system, other actions the coalition Government has taken in its first 100 days include:

  • Introduced legislation to refocus the Reserve Bank on a single mandate of price stability after years of rampant inflation
  • Repealed the undemocratic Three Waters reforms to restore local control of water
  • Banned cellphones in schools and required primary and intermediate schools to teach an hour of reading, writing and maths per day
  • Made health workers safer by deploying 200 additional security personnel which has reduced violent incidents in hospital emergency departments
  • Cracked down on gangs by introducing legislation to ban gang patches and give Police greater powers to search gang members for firearms
  • Started work to establish a Ministry of Regulation to improve the quality of regulation
  • Introduced a fast-track consenting regime to cut red tape and make it easier to build the infrastructure that New Zealand needs
  • Stopped blanket speed limit reductions and repealed the Clean Car Discount scheme, also known as the ‘Ute Tax’
  • Withdrawn central government from Let’s Get Wellington Moving and put an end to Auckland Light Rail

Repealed prohibition-style amendments to the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 and regulations.

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