Controlled blasts at Tantangara work site from 4pm, Wednesday 4 May 2022

National Road Transport Association

Future Generation is excavating the new Snowy 2.0 intake structure at the southern end of the Tantangara Reservoir to start constructing the headrace tunnel that will link Tantangara to Talbingo.

This excavation will involve carrying out a series of controlled blasts at the Snowy 2.0 work site inside the marine exclusion zone at Tantangara.

The surface blasts will allow the Snowy 2.0 construction team to excavate rock supports for the intake structure on the western foreshore of the reservoir.

Access to the southern area of Tantangara Reservoir will be strictly limited during the four (4) controlled blasts, which began last month and will continue through until June 2022.

The blast scheduled for 4 May is the second blast at Tantangara.

What to expect

• An exclusion zone will be established 430 metres from the blast site on the western

foreshore of the reservoir and extends beyond the existing marine exclusion zone.

• The exclusion zone will be in place one hour before the scheduled detonations and will remain in place for up to 12-hours after each blast.

• Public access to the boat ramp will not be permitted during the scheduled detonations.

• The boat ramp, nearby roadways and reservoir will be patrolled to restrict access during the scheduled detonations.

• Each controlled blast is expected to last 20 seconds.

• The detonations will generate noise and vibration that extends some distance from the blast site. There will be dust in the immediate vicinity.

Trails and camping grounds near Tantangara will remain open to visitors in the National Park

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