COSP17 Intervention urging governments and civil society to not leave LGBTQIA+ people with disability behind in employment

This is a statement delivered by Giancarlo de Vera, Manager Policy at People with Disability Australia, on day 3 of the 17th Session Of The Conference Of States Parties To The CRPD (COSP17).

Thank you, Mr President.

My name is Giancarlo de Vera representing People with Disability Australia.

We are the largest DPO in the Southern Hemisphere, and with support from the Australian Government, represent all people with disability, including LGBTQIA+ people with disability, in Australia.

The right to decent work and the right to a sustainable livelihood is a right for every person.

This must include LGBTQIA+ people with disability.

When one considers research has found a third of LGBTQIA+ people, have a disability, compared to 1 in 4 non-LGBTQIA+ people, the challenges stemming from the intersectionality of disability, sexuality and gender identity significantly impacts the economic security of LGBTQI+ people have a disability.

Decades of pernicious discrimination and prejudice has denied LGBTQIA+ people with disability to fully participate at work, resulting in the notable lack of inclusive best practices and policies that recognise and accommodates the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ people with disability in the workplace.

Today, I urge distinguished delegates and civil society to consider approaching this discussion with an intersectional lens.

A lens that promotes every person – regardless of their sexuality and their gender identity – can realise their right to decent work and sustainable livelihoods.

The international community we form today here at the United Nations, was born out of the principle of equality and non-discrimination. We must not deny this right on the basis of sexuality or gender identity.

With the economic security that comes from decent work comes further freedoms.

Everyone, including LGBTQIA+ people with disability, deserve to be free.

Thank you.

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