Crescent Head and South West Rocks plans the focus of July Meeting

Kempsey Shire Council

Locking in a plan to manage growth in South West Rocks and discussing options for a maintenance shed at Crescent Head were just items considered at the July Meeting of Kempsey Shire Council.

The July Meeting took place in Council Chambers from 9am on Tuesday 18 July.

During the meeting, Councillors were treated to a lesson from students at East Kempsey Public School, who taught them phrases and words in Dhanggati language.

You can read the detailed agenda and reports in the business papers

You can view the meeting on Council’s YouTube page

South West Rocks Structure Plan locked in

Councillors adopted the South West Rocks Structure Plan with a final amendment. This amendment was proposing that lot 7009 DP1058863 at Gordon Young Drive South West Rocks be zoned C2 – Environmental Conservation. This will help protect flora and fauna on this parcel of land. Zoning this also leaves an opportunity for the NSW Government to build a high school there if practicable.

The development of this plan commenced in January 2022, with the public being invited to contribute their perspectives on how to sustainably support the anticipated growth. The draft plan was made available for public exhibition from 1 February to 14 March 2023, allowing interested parties to review and provide feedback on the proposed strategies.

Final tweaks approved for Kemp Street Sports Complex Master Plan

Councillors approved the amendments to the Kemp Street Sports Complex Master Plan. These amendments were made in collaboration with stakeholders the Macleay Valley Rangers Football Club and the Macleay Valley Cricket Association.

These changes included the removal of the planned new turf wicket and multi-sport functionality designation from AREA 1: Premier Field Sports in the Master Plan as cricket would not be able to utilise the turf wicket adequately to justify its maintenance.

The Macleay Valley Cricket Association supported the amendment.

Environment identified as priority for the Sale of Council land

Councillors were asked to approve the sale of Council land in South Kempsey, which is zoned SP2 sewerage system and no longer required by Council. Selling this land would save Council expenses related to rate payments, weed management, and fence maintenance, making it suitable for disposal.

Councillor Bain raised concerns about the potential impact on the wetlands and environment, urging an investigation into these matters before proceeding with the sale. As a result, the Councillors entered into committee of the whole to further discuss the issue.

Council reached an agreement and resolved to explore the possibility of including the land in the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme.

Maintenance shed at Crescent Head Holiday Park

During the public forum held on Monday 17 July, Councillors were addressed by two speakers concerning a maintenance shed that was built at Crescent Head Holiday Park which was the subject of a notice of motion.

At the Council Meeting, an amendment to the original notice of motion was proposed, leading the Councillors to enter a committee of the whole, where they engaged in discussion regarding this matter. The topics discussed during the meeting included:

  • the costs associated with relocating the shed, such as construction expenses and necessary services like drainage and electricity.
  • reducing the height of the shed,
  • its impact on Crescent Head’s character and pedestrian movements, between the town centre and foreshore area,
  • potential alternate sites and this impact on an important income source,
  • ways to improve community consultation on projects like this and others, and
  • balancing funding priorities with the whole of the Kempsey Shire.

Following lengthy discussion Council agreed to:

  1. Note the concerns made by the community in relation to the impact of the Holiday Park Maintenance Shed,
  2. Acknowledge that improvements in its process around informing the community of the works undertaken are required,
  3. Reduce the height of the shed to minimise the visual impacts of the structure,
  4. Complete the landscape works proposed to reduce the visual impacts of the structure, and
  5. Align the path to the north-eastern side of the shed.

Crescent Head Focus Group

Council agreed a notice of motion from Councillor Wyatt to form a Crescent Head Focus Group, for be formed through an expressions of interest process.

The focus group would exist for a minimum two years and have a clearly defined purpose:

  • To inform, consult, involve and collaborate on planning and development matter at Crescent Head
  • To repair and rebuild relationships between the Crescent Head community and Kempsey Shire Council

The Voice to Parliament referendum

Councillor Bain presented a Notice of Motion on the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum.

After discussion Council noted the LGNSW Policy Platform which acknowledges the significance of the Statement from the Heart issued at the 2017 First Nations National Constitutional Convention at Uluru and supports the principle of the Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

It was also decided to include accurate information regarding the referendum in regular Council communications and to allow community groups access to Council facilities to promote culturally safe and respectful dialogue about the referendum.

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