Decade Among Trees

Meet Leigh, an arborist whose office isn’t confined by walls, but high up in Geelong’s tree canopy.

For Leigh, being an arborist is not just a job, it’s the best office and career anyone could ask for.

Beyond the thrill of working in the tree canopies, Leigh’s work serves a purpose. Trees are vital; they improve the look, feel and liveability of our region while also having a strong positive influence on the health of our community.

Our trees help to shade the city and its hard surfaces during hot summers, enhance our local biodiversity, reduce stormwater run-off into rivers and the bay, and absorb air pollution. Our trees help characterise our region and without them, it would be a very different place to live.

Leigh and our team of arborists aren’t limited to upkeep; they’re committed to keeping these giants alive for the future which is a big job when you consider we have 75,268 street trees and more than 45,000 urban park trees.

Geelong’s trees help characterise our City: from the heritage values of the majestic Elm trees to the beauty of the lemon scented gums planted along Brougham Street, the Palms along Moorabool Street and the Norfolk Island Pines lining Geelong’s waterfront.

But it’s not always peaceful while up in the trees, there have been many a Huntsman spider pop out of a branch and surprise Leigh and his fellow arborists. Thankfully they are welcome visitors!

Leigh is always thrilled when there is a day involving the maintenance of a Jacaranda tree, from its purple blossoms to its ability to create a shady canopy over streets and parks, it’s by far one of his favourites to tend to.

Next time you pass by a tree-lined street, think of people like Leigh and our team of arborists. Their dedication keeps the urban landscape intertwined with nature’s rhythm – even if it means encountering the occasional eight-legged surprise along the way!

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