Delays to services due to flood event


The recent rain and flood event in the Yarra Ranges has caused widespread issues that will take time to rectify on top of our normal maintenance schedule.

While we are working through these issues as quickly as possible and prioritising issues that pose the biggest risk, there will be some delays to normal services while we work through these significantly impacted areas.

See below for an update on some of our services and the issues that have arisen coming out of the flood event.

Roads and Drainage

Additional staff have been deployed to help with impact assessments from the floods around the municipality, which will help us determine the issues that need immediate action.

Throughout November and December it is unlikely that we will be able to meet most deadlines for customer requests given the increased volume of issues around the municipality as a result of the floods.

However, by having extra staff out inspecting, the most serious defects will be able to be prioritised and addressed within the normal timeframes.


Unsealed roads that are still very wet and require attention will be spot graded and addressed for major defects only. The additional moisture that is currently present means that a normal grading process would create a muddy surface and therefore create a dangerous situation due to loss of traction.

If more rain was to occur after grading, then loose, wet surfaces would be washed away into properties, open drains and culverts.


Open drains that are either very wet or still holding water are unable to be maintained due to the increased risk of erosion. It is also unsafe as digging ‘blind’ through water increases the risk of damaging road and private culverts, or utility mains.

Flood Damaged facilities and mowing

Esther Park and Seville Recreation Reserve have been heavily impacted by the floods, with clean-up works already well underway to mend the oval surfaces, roadways and car parks within the reserve, as well as disabled access areas at Esther Park.

Around 20 playspaces around the municipality have some form of soft-fall washout, with repairs to be carried out on all of these facilities in the coming weeks.

Our trail network has also experienced significant damage, with the Warburton Rail Trail from Lilydale to Killara Station being worst hit. Wash outs, minor landslips and drainage damage have taken place in 21 different locations across our trail network, with signs now in place to notify the community. These issues may take a number of weeks to be rectified.

Council believes that the grassed areas in affected parks due to the floods should recover well, however it will significantly delay the mowing maintenance in these reserves as to do so now would not be possible given the ground conditions.

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