Doctors Condemn Julian Assange Extradition to USA

Australian Doctors Reform Society

“The Australian Doctors Reform Society today condemns the UKs governments decision to extradite the Australian citizen ,Julian Assange ,to the USA and calls on PM Albanese to immediately request President Biden to stop the persecution of Julian Assange and allow Julian Assange to return to Australia”said Dr Robert Marr OAM general medical practitioner and Secretary General of the Australian Doctors Reform Society

” President Obama pardoned the US citizen Chelsea Manning who released the secret information that Julian Assange published on Wikileaks and it is now time that President Biden stopped the US persecution of the Australian citizen Julian Asaange”said Dr Marr

“It is outrageous that the previous Morrison Australian government has not acted over the last 4 years to stop the American persecution of the Australian citizen Julian Assange and it is now urgent that PM Albanese act to seek the release of Julian Assange.”said Dr Marr

“If Julian Assange was an American citizen he could not be charged with any crime because he merely published information he received revealing US war crimes and yet the US government has been trying to persecute Julian Assange and have him sentenced to jail”said Dr Marr

“Doctors in the UK have assessed Julian Assange to be suffering from serious mental and physical health problems resulting from his years in UK jails that have resulted in serious life threatening illnesses that would only be made worse by his extradition to solitary confinement in a US jail “.said Dr Marr

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