Doctors Join Stella Assange In Sydney On 24/5/2023 To Call For Julian Assange Freedom


“The Australian Doctors For Julian Assange,today (24th may 2023) , will join will Mrs Stella Assange ,at 10am in Sydney Hyde Park, to call for the release of Australian citizen Julian Assange” said Dr Robert Marr President of Australian Doctors For Julian Assange.

“As doctors we are very concerned about the deteriorating health of Julian Assange who has been suffering psychological torture in solitary confinement in Belmarsh prison in the UK while being persecuted by the USAs politically inspired legal attacks”said Dr Marr

“As Australias PM Albanese has stated in regard to Julian Assange imprisonment “enough is Enough” and PM Albanese has publicly requested that the USA stop their persecution of Julian Assange so he can be released and return to Australia.”said Dr Marr

“The USAs continued legal persecution of Julian Assange is as bad as Chinas holding of Australian citizen Cheng Lei and both the USA and China should show their real friendship and respect for Australian citizens by stopping their legal persecution of both Australian citizens today”said Dr Marr

/Public Release.