Doctors Warn Julian Assange Could Die In Jail In Next Few Months 19 October

Doctors For Assange

“Australian Doctors For Assange and the Australian Doctors Reform Society today warned that medical examinations of Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison in the UK have revealed that Julian Assange is suffering from severe life threatening cardiovascular and stress conditions including a mini stroke as a result of his imprisonment in solitary confinement and psychological torture”said Dr Robert Marr OAM spokesman for Australian Doctors For Assange.

“Australian Doctors For Assange calls on Australian PM Albanese to meet Julian Assanges family and publicly support the release of Julian Assange from the life threatening imprisonment in the UK and the threat of extradition to the USA”said Dr Marr

“If Julian Assange is not released from prison .within the next few months he could become a Death In Custody due to the inaction of the Australian government in standing up for an Australian citizen against persecution by the US and UK governments”said Dr Marr

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