Doctors warn Morrison may have “Blood on his hands”

"Doctors Reform Society

“Australians could die as a result of Mr Morrisons decision to ban at risk Australians from returning to Australia from India and as a result Mr Morrison would their have “Blood on his hands”said Dr Con Costa President of Doctors Reform Society NSW

“The Chief Medical Officer Dr Paul Kelly warned Mr Morrison that banning Australians who were at risk in India from returning to Australia created the “risk of serious illness and in”a worst case scenario deaths.”said Dr Costa
“Äs concerned Australian doctors we call on Mr Morrison to immediately open the quarantine facilities on Christmas island and arrange emergency flights to evacuate the over 600 Australians who have been assessed as at risk from India to Christmas Island as was done from China last year.”said Dr Costa
“Mr Morrison has wasted over 15 million dollars keeping a family of 4 Tamil refugees and their Australian children on Christmas island and the least he can do is spend far less to save Australian lives”Said Dr Con Costa
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