Doing the right thing with out-of-date and unwanted marine flares

A marine parachute flare laid on top of a map, with a finger and thumb gripping its base

With another great summer out on the water behind us, Snowy Monaro Regional Council is reminding local boaters and boat-owners about the proper handling and disposal of expired or unwanted marine flares.

Maritime flares are required safety equipment for recreational vessels on NSW waters, helping rescuers locate people and vessels in an emergency. Most flares have a three-year use by date, and must be replaced before they expire.

Flares contain explosive and flammable material that can easily start a fire or cause a serious injury, and because of these risks, the law in NSW requires that flares are only disposed of at an authorised collection site.

Expired and unwanted flares cannot be disposed of in household bins, public bins, or at any waste facility (tips, transfer stations, and banks of bins).

How to dispose of your out-of-date and unwanted flares

The ACT (Canberra) and NSW Governments both offer authorised disposal services.

  • Canberra:

    A drop-off service is available year-round at the ACT Firearms Registry, located in Mitchell on the north side of Canberra.

You must contact the Registry before your visit.

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