Don’t let mastermind pull Swifty on you

SA Gov

The Malinauskas Labor Government is warning South Australians to watch out for pretty lies from fearless scammers offering Taylor Swift tickets online.

Anyone looking to secure last minute tickets to the Australian leg of The Eras Tour is urged to avoid bad blood and be cautious of scammers selling fake tickets on social media.

Most reports to the ACCC’s Scamwatch are coming from New South Wales and Victoria where the superstar is performing with fortunately a smaller number coming from South Australia.

However, multiple reports have been received from South Australians – with a total of 273 reports made Australia-wide – and with the highly anticipated tour about to begin in Australia, South Australians should be on red alert.

More than $135,000 has been lost to these treacherous thieves with $2500 reported from South Australians.

In addition to posting tickets for sale in public groups, scammers have been hacking genuine accounts to convince the account holder’s friends to fall for their hoax.

These scammers will take your money and jump in their getaway car, so don’t be left with teardrops on your guitar.

The safest way to get legitimate tickets to The Eras Tour is by purchasing tickets from the authorised reseller, Ticketek Marketplace.

Being scammed is like death by a thousand cuts for those already missing out on seeing Taylor Swift perform so don’t shake it off.

Please report it to Scamwatch via

As put by Andrea Michaels

These scammers are fearless, so don’t fall for pretty lies offering Taylor Swift tickets on social media.

Avoid a screaming, crying, perfect storm and only buy tickets from the authorised reseller, Ticketek Marketplace.

I hope karma catches up with these masterminds trying to pull a hoax on fans and I encourage anyone who comes across this scam to report it to Scamwatch.

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