Dr Karl, Carlos Sanson Jr and Eddie Woo join NSW teachers and students in 2023 HSC Study Guide

NSW Education Standards Authority

CEO of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Paul Martin has welcomed the release of the 2023 HSC Study Guide today, to support the state’s 74,000+ students sitting exams this year.

A partnership with The Sydney Morning Herald, the HSC Study Guide has been supporting students for close to half a century, almost as old as the HSC itself.

This year, eight teachers from across the state – experts in their subjects – provide tips for the final months of preparation and on exam day, while 10 recent HSC graduates share their advice with the Class of 2023.

Science enthusiast, doctor, author and radio host, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, joins this year’s edition, reflecting on his own career and learning along the way. With practical tips for HSC Science students and young people more generally, Dr Karl’s passion for learning is infectious.

Carlos Sanson Jr, the 25-year-old breakout star from Australian series Bump, shares how his own HSC Drama class and teachers helped him find his love of acting, with advice for students keen to pursue a career in the arts.

Australia’s most famous mathematics teacher and Woo-tuber, Eddie Woo, explains his surprising journey to maths-whizz, with helpful hints and a six-minute video with exam prep advice, available via QR code link, for all maths students.

Students will also benefit from mythbusters courtesy of UAC’s ATAR expert Dr Helen Tam, who helps to demystify the ATAR calculation.

ReachOut CEO and longtime partner of Stay Healthy HSC, Ashley De Silva, reminds young people that it is okay to feel mixed emotions as they approach the end of their schooling careers, and provides useful tips to support students’ wellbeing.

View the Study Guide and take the quiz today: smh.com.au/hscstudyguide2023

NESA Chief Executive Officer, Paul Martin, said:

“The release of the HSC Study Guide marks a milestone for students, parents and carers – a reminder of all the work young people have already done to get to this point.

“It is great to see so many areas of study represented in this year’s edition, with past students, teachers and public figures from across the state sharing their experiences and tips.

“I encourage students to continue all their hard work, and to find ways of studying that work best for them. All the best – to the HSC Class of 2023.”

2023 HSC Facts and Figures

  • Over 74,000 students studying one or more HSC courses in 2023.
  • During the written exam period more than 74,000 students will sit 124 exams, over 18 days, at 782 exam centres.
  • Most 2023 HSC students started their 13 years of school in 2011.
  • Mathematics is the most popular subject, after English.
  • Each exam will be reviewed at least six times and checked a further three times at minimum before more than 700,000 exam papers are printed.
  • More than 5500 markers will work across NSW in eight marking centres and from home.
  • HSC results will be issued online, by email and via SMS from 6.00am on Thursday 14 December.

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