Drivers caught drink driving and charged in Tairāwhiti

The impairment prevention team recently spent some time policing the roads in Tairāwhiti and were shocked by some of the drivers.

Over the course of two days last week ten drivers were found to have excess breath alcohol at checkpoints targeting drink drivers.

The checkpoints took place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November between 3pm and 1am.

“14 drivers were detected to have been drinking, four received infringement notices and the remaining ten are due to be summonsed to court,” says Sergeant Steve Murray.

One of the checkpoints was set up directly outside the Gisborne Police Station on the Saturday night.

“At the checkpoint outside the station four drink drivers were stopped and detected in the space of 15 minutes.

“Two of those drivers had their vehicles impounded.”

Police are incredibly disheartened and say the message is simple – don’t drink and drive.

“One person was stopped and found to have excess breath alcohol and charged, then five hours later was stopped again and once again charged.

Police are committed to reducing death and serious injury on our roads and remind motorists that they should expect to be breath tested anytime, anywhere.

“Drivers need to know that driving intoxicated is not an option. It is irresponsible to risk your life and that of others by driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs,” says Sergeant Murray.

Police are committed to ensuring that every road user arrives alive at their journey’s end and those who put others at risk will be found, prosecuted and held accountable.

We recognise there is power in our communities to make a difference too.

If you know someone has had a few, or is over the limit and about to drive, say something.

Police want people to enjoy themselves but if you have had too much stay a night on a friend’s couch or call a family member or taxi to pick you up – never get behind the wheel.

/NZ Police Public Release. View in full here.