Electric Vehicle Showcase at This Year’s Off-Grid Living Festival

Kilowatt Cars and Off Grid Festival

The future of transportation takes centre stage at this year’s Off-Grid Living Festival 6 & 7 April, Chiltern VIC with the debut of the new Electrification Festival area, dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations in electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable transportation solutions. Set against the backdrop of eco-conscious living, the festival offers attendees a firsthand glimpse into the electrifying possibilities of cleaner, greener mobility.

The showcase promises an immersive experience for enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike. From electric cars and bikes, cutting-edge EV technology, and a dedicated talks tent with industry experts presenting all weekend, attendees will have the opportunity to explore and test drive/ride a wide range of eco-friendly vehicles from leading manufacturers.

“The electrification of transportation is a pivotal step toward reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating the impacts of climate change,” says Russel Klose, EV area coordinator. “By featuring an Electric Vehicle showcase within the Off-Grid Living Festival, we aim to demonstrate how sustainable living extends beyond the confines of our homes and into every aspect of our lives, including how we move from place to place.”

Highlights of the Electrification Festival area include:

  • EV Test Drives: Attendees can experience driving an emission-free vehicles firsthand with test drives from participating manufacturers.
  • Educational Talks: Experts in the field of electric mobility will host informative sessions on topics such as EV charging infrastructure, battery technology, and the environmental benefits of electric transportation.
  • Sustainable Transportation Solutions: In addition to passenger vehicles, the showcase will feature a variety of electric bikes, scooters, and other alternative modes of transportation to promote greener commuting options.

The Electrification Festival area underscores the Off-Grid Living Festival’s commitment to inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace sustainable living practices in all aspects of their lives. By showcasing the latest advancements in electric mobility, the festival aims to spark dialogue, encourage innovation, and help everyone move to a more sustainable transportation future.

“We believe that sustainable living is about making conscious choices that benefit both people and the planet,” adds Festival Director, Kate Nottingham. “The Electrification area serves as a testament to our collective ability to drive positive change through innovation and collaboration.”

“By collaborating with the team from Kilowatt Cars and Border Regional Electrification Events this year we’ve been able to bring in the best from the industry for one of Australia’s biggest regional EV showcases”.

The Off-Grid Living Festival will take place at Chiltern Racecourse and Recreation Reserve, 6 & 7 April. Tickets are available for purchase online at www.offgridevent.com.au.

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