Eve Of Destruction For Cannabis Growers

SA Gov

Tough new laws allowing SA Police to destroy hydroponics gear seized at drug busts passed State Parliament this week.

SA Police already has the power to authorise the destruction of seized cannabis plants and dangerous drug equipment.

Previously, SAPOL was only able to destroy hydroponics equipment such as sodium lights, mercury vapour lights and reflectors once court proceedings were finalised, meaning a large part of evidence storage is dedicated to housing equipment for a prolonged period that is of little evidentiary use in the proceedings themselves.

Under the new laws, destruction of hydroponics equipment can be authorised at the point of seizure, saving time, transport and storage costs.

Hundreds of pallets containing tens of thousands of items are currently being stored by SA Police, and will be able to be destroyed following the passage of this legislation.

SA Police will also be able to apply for a court order to recover reasonable costs for destruction, including the costs of collecting, transporting or dismantling the property as may reasonably be required for the purposes of destruction.

As put by Kyam Maher

Under the previous laws, SAPOL were forced to seize, transport and store hundreds of pallets of hydroponic equipment that is never called upon as evidence in court proceedings.

I’m pleased to see State Parliament act swiftly in debating this legislation, which will help free up police resources, so that police can be out on the beat protecting our community.

These changes send a clear message that the illegal production of cannabis will not be tolerated, and people caught doing the wrong thing will have their gear seized and destroyed swiftly.

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