Experts available over summer

La Trobe University has academic experts, available to talk to the media during the summer period.

Please contact experts directly over the summer.

Many experts prefer SMS as the first method of contact.

Some may not be available on public holidays, noted under their contact information.

If unsure, please contact on email first.


  • Aged care and ageing
  • Animals and pets
  • Education, back to school, reading
  • Bushfire safety, recovery
  • Conspiracy theories and anti-vax sentiment
  • Gender, Safety
  • Health, diet, alcohol, sport and exercise
  • Media, history and politics
  • New Year ahead
  • Science and tech
  • Tourism and transport
  • Working, not working

You can search all La Trobe University academic staff on Scholars La Trobe.


  • Aged care, especially rural aged care, ageing, older people

    Professor Irene Blackberry, John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research (Albury-Wodonga-based)

    0410 626 880 / [email protected]


  • Looking after your dogs and cats during Summer (including during fireworks), adopting pets as Christmas presents

    Professor Pauleen Bennett, Head of Department Psychology and Counselling (Bendigo based)

    0427 700 260 / [email protected]


  • Improving your child’s reading abilities before they head back to school, what to look for in how your child’s school is approaching reading instruction.

    Professor Pamela Snow, Cognitive Psychology, School of Education (Bendigo-based)

    0458 377 253 / [email protected]

    Associate Professor Tanya Serry, Literacy and Reading Education, School of Education

    0418 384 085 / [email protected]

  • Blending remote and classroom learning; digital technologies in the classroom; e-learning; online learning

    Dr Stefan Schutt, Senior Lecturer in Learning Design, School of Education

    0410 387 622 / [email protected]

    Not available: 24, 25, 26 December, 1 and 2 January


  • Bushfire preparedness, particularly in areas that have not traditionally experienced such events, recovering from the trauma of a bushfire event

    Adjunct Professor Jim McLennan, School of Psychology and Public Health

    0438 096 548 / [email protected]


  • How conspiracy theories and ideologies take hold, conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 and vaccination , why people can be vaccine hesitant, how to respond to someone spreading disinformation

    Dr Mathew Marques, School of Psychology and Public Health

    0405 507 727 / [email protected]



  • The meaning of food in people’s lives, how food embodies cultural values, sustainable consumption, veganism/vegetarianism

    Dr Matt Ruby, School of Psychology and Public Health

    0490 854 736 / [email protected]

    In North America for December & January, please allow for time difference

  • How we can keep active, healthy and eating well over the summer period, and why it’s important

    Dr Steve Cousins, Lecturer Community and Allied Health (Bendigo based)

    0450 318 190 / [email protected]

    Not available between December 24 to 28

  • Memory systems, Indigenous memory systems, songlines, Indigenous knowledges – science, writing non-fiction

    Dr Lynney Kelly AM, Humanities & Social Sciences School

    0409 554 193 / [email protected]

  • Sustainable and nutritious future foods and plants/foods for outer space

    Dr Kim Johnson, Institute for Agriculture and Food

    0418 858 465 / [email protected]

    Not available 24, 25 December, 1 January

  • Sport sponsorship, management, organisational theorist, systemic governance, ambush marketing and consumer behaviour

    Dr Geoff Dickson, Associate Professor of Sport Management

    0475 776 029 / [email protected]

  • Sports injuries, women’s AFL, female athlete, knee arthritis, kneecap pain, ACL injuries

    Dr Brooke Patterson, physiotherapist, Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre

    0418 527 768 / [email protected]

    Not available 25, 26 December and 1 January

  • Perceptual, visual and cognitive skills of athletes and in sport, virtual reality training, mental health within fantasy football, the visual impact of pink ball in cricket

    Dr Luke Wilkins, subject coordinator for Motor Behaviour in Sport and Talent Identification and Development

    0451 117 652 / [email protected]

    Not available 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January

  • Sports medicine, sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries

    Dr Joanne Kemp, Associate Professor, Physiotherapy

    0410 175 435 / [email protected]

    Not available 24 and 25 December

  • Sports injuries, recovery, load management, prevention of injury

    Dr Andrea Mosler, Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

    0417 290 558 / [email protected]

    Not available 25 December

  • The Australian Ballet, Victorian Institute of Sport & tendon injury, persistent pain, sports injuries

    Dr Ebonie Rio, Senior Research Fellow Physiotherapy

    [email protected]

    Not available 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January

  • Benefits of exercise programs for women,

    Dr Andrea Bruder, Associate Professor Physiotherapy

    0418 511 909 / [email protected]

    Not available 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January


  • Australian foreign policy, maritime disputes in the Indo-Pacific, China-Australia relations

    Dr Bec Strating, Executive Director, La Trobe Asia

    0400 287 758 / [email protected]

  • Social media cultures and platform trends, youth-focused platforms such as TikTok, the use of social media for education/learning, digital misinformation, fandom/celebrity

    Dr Clare Southerton, Digital Technology and Pedagogy

    [email protected]

    Not available 25, 31 December and 1 January

  • History of Coal, Climate change, Australian Aboriginal/Colonial history, feminism, body image, mothering

    Dr Liz Conor, Department of Archaeology and History

    0424 132 605 / [email protected]

    Not available 24 & 25 December

  • Digital and social media, digital self-marketing, politics and social media, personal branding

    Natalie McKenna, discipline lead in strategic communication

    0420 378 026 / [email protected]

    Not available 24, 25, 26 December


  • New Year’s resolutions, enhancing resilience, wellbeing and positivity post-pandemic

    Adjunct Lecturer Ros Ben-Moshe, School of Psychology and Public Health

    0413 592 030 / [email protected]

    Not available 25, 26 December and 1 January.


  • Artificial Intelligence, Data, Automation, Robotics, Ethics, Technology, Security

    Dr Daswin De Silva, Deputy Director of the Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition (CDAC)

    [email protected]


  • Child friendly cities, children’s everyday mobilities, school travel, car dependence

    Dr Hulya Gilbert, lecturer – Community Planning and Development Program

    [email protected]


  • Needing to take a break, working from home verses the office, switching of from work

    Dr Jodi Oakman, Centre for Ergonomics and Human Factors

    0447 152 944 / [email protected]

    Not available 25, 31 December and 1 January

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