Extreme Heat Forecast in Hawkesbury

Extremem Heat-01 Heatwaves and extreme heat events can seriously impact your health. Climate projections show extreme heat events are occurring more often and with greater intensity. You may decide to spend time in cool place like a library, shopping centre, cinema or other public building if your house does not have air-conditioning or can’t be cooled down in other ways. Babies, children, older people and pets need to be watched carefully during hot weather. Babies and children sweat less, reducing their ability to cool down, and they are at higher risk of overheating and developing a heat-related illness. Heat can also make existing illnesses worse.

On extreme heat days of 40-plus degrees, Council has a policy to extend the operating hours of Hawkesbury Central Library and Richmond Swimming Centre on weekends. On weekdays, these facility hours are already longer than weekends.


Temperatures are expected to be over 40 degrees this Saturday in the Hawkesbury.

With the extreme heat we ask that our residents and visitors take care, keep cool, drink lots of water, make sure your pets are comfortable and lookout for your neighbours.

To provide give our residents the opportunity to stay cool and get some relief from the heat, Council is extending the opening hours of these facilities.

Hawkesbury Central Library at Windsor will be open from 9am till 7pm.

Oasis Aquatic and Leisure Centre at South Windsor from 8am till 8pm.

Richmond Swimming Centre at Richmond from 8am till 8pm.

Please enjoy our facilities and stay cool.

Visit https://disaster.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au or updates on weather forecasts and fire risks.

Council has received positive feedback from this initiative since it was first activated as a way to help residents find a way to stay cool during heatwaves. To see any last minute changes to facility hours, see Council’s website www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au and Facebook www.facebook.com/hawkesburycitycouncil

Also see www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/beattheheat

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