Federal Government Failure Leaves Australians Sleepwalking Into Covid Disaster


” Australia appears to be sleepwalking into a covid disaster because the Federal government has dropped the ball in regard to covid prevention resulting in Australians thinking that the worst of the Covid pandemic is over when it is not” said Dr Con Costa GP and Vice President of the Australian Doctors Reform Society

“Australia has ,this week, hit a world record for covid cases with Australia now having the highest number of cases of covid per head in the world at 264 per 1000 Australians.Over 6.6 million Australians have had covid infections with around 50000 new cases per day and around 40 deaths per day.This is the equivalent of a major bus crash killing 40 people every day and yet the federal government pretends that the covid pandemic is under control “said Dr Robert Marr GP and Secretary General of the Australian Doctors Reform Society

“The Federal government has stopped most of the public health campaign to prevent the spread of covid including stopping advertising about the need for covid boosters and maintaining public health precautions such as regular hand washing ,etc”.said Dr Con Costa

“Although most Australians are vaccinated this does not prevent millions of Australians catching covid but mainly prevents people with covid requiring hospitalisation or even dying from covid.However ,it has been estimated that up to 10% of people who catch Covid will develop long term damage of various bodily organs including the heart and lungs”said Dr Marr

“The Australian Doctors Reform Society is not scaremongering or calling for a return to lockdowns or other restrictions but is merely joining other national medical organisations like the Australian Medical Association in calling on the Federal government to restart the covid mass publicity campaign to highlight the need for covid boosters and maintaining the public health precautions to prevent the spread of covid and flu.”said Dr Costa

“There will be new variants of covid spreading in Australia in the near future and, along with the winter flu, this makes it urgent that the federal government urgently restarts the covid prevention publicity campaign rather than sitting back and congratulating itself for their past covid actions.’said Dr Marr

” Covid prevention is still a race and Australian lives depend on urgent action by the Federal government now!’ said Dr Marr

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