Fire restrictions announced for CFA’s District 7

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The Fire Danger Period (FDP) will begin at 01.00am on Saturday, 24 December 2022 for the following municipalities in CFA’s South West Region:

  • City of Greater Geelong
  • Borough of Queenscliff
  • Surf Coast Shire
  • Golden Plains Shire

FDP restrictions already apply across parts of Victoria and CFA will be introducing further FDPs for municipalities in the coming weeks based on assessments of the amount of rain, grassland curing rate and local conditions.

The return of a La Nina weather pattern has led to widespread rainfall and flooding in parts of the state, particularly in October, however that doesn’t mean communities can become complacent about the increasing fire risk this season.

The Seasonal Bushfire Outlook for summer identified potential for increased grassfire conditions for the 2022/23 fire season, due to significant grass growth and delayed harvest activities.

Based on the latest outlook, the fire season is expected to be normal in Victoria, except for parts of central, north east and eastern Victoria where the potential is below normal.

CFA District 7 Assistant Chief Fire Officer Brendan Lawson said while the region has experienced significant rainfall in the last few months, the wet conditions have generated prolific grassland growth which could lead to significant grassfires this season.

“It is important that the community continues to vigilant on days high risk days,” he said.

“The grass will dry out very quickly as we begin to experience more hotter and drier weather.

“In some areas there are going to be wet underlying conditions that may present access issues for firefighters, so we are encouraging the community to remain vigilant around fire.”

While CFA firefighters are preparing for the bushfire season, they are urging the community to use common sense and take responsibility for preventing fires.

“We strongly encourage the community to use the next few weeks before the start of the Fire Danger Period to clean up around properties, reduce fuel loads and prepare your bushfire plan,” ACFO Lawson said.

If you are using fire to clean up your property ahead of the FDP, you should notify authorities of the burn-off at the Fire Permits Victoria website at, or by calling ESTA on 1800 668 511. No burning off is permitted during the FDP without a Permit to Burn, which can be applied for through the Fire Permits Victoria website.

There are very strict conditions attached to these permits and the liability sits with the permit holder to ensure they always act safely.

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